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  • Stay Cool Wine Cooler
    Stay Cool Wine Cooler
    StayCool quickly chills your wine and keeps it cool for up to two hours. StayCool should be placed in the freezer before use. Fits most bottle sizes. Made of nylon. Contains freezer gel. Wash gently with mild soap and warm water. Air dry, but not in direct sunlight. Nylon, Freezer gelHeight: 15.5 cm.
  • Tight Wine bottle Stopper
    Tight Wine bottle Stopper
    The Tight wine bottle stopper seals the bottle completely, allowing you to keep your wine for several days – and even with the bottle lying horizontally in the fridge. This innovative stopper is made of stainless steel and rubber. It is dishwasher-safe and part of Eva Solo's exclusive wine series Tight seal for horizontal storageAllows the wine to be kept for longer after openingFits almost all bottles.
  • Eva Solo Cool Wine Decanter
    Eva Solo Cool Wine Decanter
    Enjoy a refreshing glass of white wine in style with this Cool Wine Decanter from Eva Solo. With a removable cooling element in the base to be kept in the freezer before use, this decanter will chill wine for up to four hours. The integrated funnel includes tiny holes to aerate the whine whilst decanting, letting white wine breathe before it is enjoyed. Offering 100% drip-free serving, it is the perfect accessory for dinner parties and outdoor dining and there are more design-led piece available from Eva Solo.Key features: * Design-led wine decanter * Material: mouthblown glass, stainless steel, plastic * Capacity: 750ml * All-in-one wine carafe and cooler * Base features a removable cooling element for the freezer * Keeps wine chilled for up to 4 hours * Tiny holes in the top aerates the wine when decanting * 100% drip-free serving * All parts are dishwasher safe
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