{{ evanтнe roѕanna gιvencнy parт one }}

{{ g l i t t e r i n g ;; evanthe rosanna givenchy }}
{{ s p a r k l i n g ;; at the sweet and mature age of sixteen }}
{{ r a d i a n t ;; born on that shining starry night of the eighteenth of july }}
{{ s h i m m e r i n g ;; she descends from rome, italy. she is a exotic mix of france, italy, carribeans, latvia, and rio. }}
- x -
features ;; evanthe is just a goddess that you adore. she is the definition of perfection. where can we start? evanthe has a model`s body, of course she is a model, darlings. she has a flawless and perfect body that is so sheer perfection. she is very slim and is the average height. her skin is a perfect skin tone colour, and is just naturally tanned just right from the sun, kissed by itself. she has magnificent brown luscious hair that falls in soft curls, and reaches to halfway down her back. it is very silky and always is used with expensive shampoo and conditioner that makes her hair even better than it already is. her eyebrows are nude brown, and are quite often polished but raised or arched because they can either tell you that you are wrong and or that could just be her way in telling you to go away. but either way they still look great and so does she. when she gazes down, you can see her long eyelashes that don`t really need mascara, only needing touches, then frame her beautiful coral blue eyes that can ever change from coral to a iridescent pure blue, that can shock and terrify you. but then again, they can be soft and welcoming. but that`s another story. her face is completely flawless and is just beautiful. it is pale, but radiant, shining colours off. it has no imperfections, what so ever, with her petite nose, that just puts the whole thing together. her rosy pink cheeks, look natural, and that along with her rosy red lips, plump and beautiful is what makes guys do a double take when they see her model figure. her lips can often be a small smirk or something that she knows will make you jealous. evanthe`s long piano playing fingers and cute small toes often have pedicures, of different colours, but are always immaculate. they look amazing, and fit in with her whole body. evanthe is just perfect, and she knows it.
personality ;; stunning. sparkling. glamorous. seductive. sexy. glittering. perfection. sultry. elegant. graceful. dainty. dangerous. mean. vindictive. smart. goddess. stunning. irresistible.
evanthe always wants things to be perfection. well that would be correct because she is the definition of perfection, yes? she is kind and graceful to everyone, but like all girls, yes she has her mean streak. but that only comes out if you deserve it. evanthe is quite interesting, she keeps to herself a lot, she is not shy, but is timid at some people. she is self-conscious and insecure at times, but she has her talents, ballet, dance, piano and a bit of singing. she likes to shop and go to the beach to have a bit of a surf, and tan like most girls. evanthe has some secrets up her sleeve that no one knows. she doesn`t really trust anyone with them, so she keeps them hidden, and can be a bit mysterious but that`s another story. evanthe is very smart though and she gets nothing less than an `a` she gets normally a+. she is quick witted and can see through all the fakes in the world. but she keeps it to herself. normally. she despises the people who are snobby and think that they know everything, and will judge people from first appearances.
{{ part two ;; http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=2230377 }}
credit to rabaab @shipwrecked-in-a-sea-of-faces for evanthe as the name. xo

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Wrote three years ago
I luv her! She's awesome! :D


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