EVEN MORE roleplay ideas.

just a few collections i've made of rp ideas. comment if you would be interested in any of these.
original; http://www.polyvore.com/rp_ideas/collection?id=2048030
more; http://www.polyvore.com/more_roleplay_ideas/collection?id=2267300
  • Mindy Lahiri
    More info
    "based on the mindy project;
    a group of doctors working in a small setting. two or three people." — @homeshake
    View photos of Mindy Lahiri from "The Mindy Project" (2012), featuring Chris Messina,Mindy Kaling and Ed Weeks on IMDb!
  • I love bad bitches
    More info
    "based on cheers;
    a group of friends, all related to a bar, whether they work there or they're regulars. maybe a cafe, since i don't know a thing about bars." — @homeshake
    nicole, 18, college, eastcoast. You'll never know how strong you are until being strong is the only...
  • My Free Wallpapers Wallpaper The Walking Dead
    More info
    "based on the walking dead;
    survivors. ranging from different pasts. perhaps it's a group and there are some who have been in the group for ages and others who have only just joined." — @homeshake
  • capable of being terrible.
    More info
    "based on criminal minds;
    ..." — @homeshake
    hi, i'm bronte. lauren + roxy are perfect. i lead a clint barton, jake abel & hayley williams appriciation life. sebastian stan is the greatest thing in the world and anyone who disagrees needs to...
  • JEFFREY CAMPBELL Black Nubuck Chunky Wooden Eggert Heels
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "based on ... ;
    fashion lines. haute couture. drama." — @homeshake
    Nubuck high-heeled sandals in black. Open toe. Wide toe strap and midrow strap with velcro closure. Full heel cup with tonal velcro closed ankle strap. Chunky wooden heel and platform with geometric cutouts. Tone on tone stitching. Approx 6.5" heel, 2.75" platform. Leather. Imported.
  • Zooey Deschanel and Liz Meriwether NEW GIRL Interview
    More info
    "based on new girl;
    a group of roomates. a bit of fresh meat inspo but they wouldn't be in college." — @homeshake
    Zooey Deschanel and Liz Meriwether NEW GIRL Interview. An interview with Zooey Deschanel and creator of Fox's hit freshman comedy, NEW GIRL
  • I Want To Believe Embroidered Patch
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "based on the x-files;
    yeah. still want to make this happen." — @homeshake
    Inspired by the iconic "I Want to Believe" poster. This sew-on patch measures 4" tall by 2.5" wide, and is embroidered on a sky blue cotton canvas. All patches are made to order. Please allow up to 7 days for construction before shipping. Want a velcro backing added to your patch? We can do that for you! Just purchase this listing at the same time that you order your patch:
  • FFFFOUND! | Romantic Corner IV by =Kittyd-Stock on deviantART
    More info
    "based on shakespeare plays;
    not sure yet, but i love shakespeare and i'd like to have a roleplay like it." — @homeshake
  • vintagegal: Labyrinth (1986)
    More info
    "based on labyrinth;
    life living in the labyrinth and the castle, other surrounding areas as well. there would be some 'return to labyrinth' influence too." — @homeshake
    vintagegal: “Labyrinth (1986) ”
  • Tumblr
    More info
    "based on kick-ass/vigilantes;
    a group of heroes live their double lives. they have no special powers, but they doesn't stop them from solving crime and kicking ass!" — @homeshake
    Post anything (from anywhere!), customize everything, and find and follow what you love. Create your own Tumblr blog today.
  • Solestruck Magazine First Time
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "based on ... / reboot;
    i really loved the crystal ball of pop (a great roleplay that never kicked off) and I would love to do a magazine rp again." — @homeshake
    First Time is a bi-annual magazine produced locally in Portland, Oregon by Solestruck. Conceived as an aperture for our creative collective, Vol. 1: The Connected Issue contains inspiration, fashion editorials, dreamscapes, interviews and more. It features submissions from artists and photographers around the world. Welcome to our new obsession. Welcome to our First Time.
  • Twigs Honey 2012 Collection Bridal Veils, Headpieces and Other Accessories
    More info
    "based on ... ;
    something to do with weddings. i would suggest a save the date type thing but i don't know if i could handle it. or if i could even use the idea)" — @homeshake
    Wedding Inspiration blog featuring Asian and Western style wedding dresses and themes


Wrote three years ago
@ingrid it's between labyrinth and x-files right now. i've also been really interested in seeing an rp with male and female characters, but unfortunately not many people are willing to play men...i feel like the labyrinth one could be awesome and it allows for a variety of characters. i feel like the x-files group would be smaller...maybe two fbi agents and perhaps another four or five characters based off of the lone gunmen...
other ones i really liked;
- criminal minds; flippin' amazing show, couldn't do it justice even if i tried.
- shakespeare (i'm going to go ahead and try this one, but i don't know, i'm probably just going to fail at modding)
- basically the character gender thing. i feel like these ideas coud be so much cooler if we had male and female but i don't know if poeple would be willing

(sorry for pulling you into my brainstorming session lol)

Wrote three years ago
there's a doctor group somewhere in here because i saw emma auditioning for it.
the bar one reminds me of la bella vita, this really nice rp gianna had. it was fun!
the zombie one belle has a similar one. but with cheerleaders.
criminal minds used to be my sh-t but maybe people will have difficulty writing about the crime scenes and such? i dunno.
the fashion thingie is everywhere, there's a bmm reboot that's basically it. and there's also that rp that's kinda the same as tfe.
i love the new girl one but i feel like if everyone's a girl it wouldn't be as fun as the show. i think the boys are the ones that make the show hilarious.
the x-files you KNOW i've been dying for a alien-themed rp.
i really like the shakespeare idea and it'd be fun to see it in a present-time setting, like emma's collection.
the labyrinth one could be fun! i'm not sure how it would work as a rp but i'd love to see it come to life.
the kick-ass one is also nice! i miss that one marvel-themed rp i used to co-mod. it was fun! then again, if everyone's a girl it'd be weird.
i think the magazine themed one would be fun to try if it was set in a specific time (like cbp which was set in the 80s)
and the wedding one reminds me of save the date: paris and the girls need to do a reboot of it because it was fun and i kept looking forward the stuff every week!

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
ALL THE RPS TBH. I suck at choosing, but I really like a lot of your ideas <3

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
i watch tmp and new girl, but these all sound really great :3

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
@jolieenrose still more then i have lol
that would be interesting.
i was heading in the easy somewhere in the uk idea haha

Wrote three years ago
pffftt...it had no depth, just characters. in modern times.
as for settings, yeah, i never even thought that far.
but for some reason, somewhere on the balkan peninsula sounds nice.
like, athens or something.

Wrote three years ago
@jolieenrose aaahhhhh. i'm sure it would have been better then my attempt at it.
i was thinking that too but i was having trouble with settins and such.

Wrote three years ago
ohmygosh the shakespeare one! dooooo it. do it. do it. do it.
i was actually planning to do a modern-day shakespeare rp based on different characters from his plays, but never had time to dedicate to it.
i even made a collection of characters that's somewhere in my drafts.


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