TENNIS COURT- Lorde (again)


So, hey. i started this dedication/appreciation thing like a year ago and i wanted to start it again. so basically, you just follow these steps:

1. choose an album (ex. i picked 'pure heroine' by lorde)
2. make a set based off each song (your interpretation of it, sorta)
3. recognize a friend/someone you admire in the comments (see below)

1. TENNIS COURT: @sophiaspastic
yo, you get this first song because ily and i miss you and you are as fab as lorde. i think you're the sweetest and i'm so sorry we haven't talked in a while. your sets are flawless and you are so funny and lovely x


✔ January 11, 2014
Welcome ladies to another year of fabulousness. We hope you're all getting cozy up at your Ivy schools because you've all been graciously invited to join TIG in your inauguration dinner party! You want to impress these peoples so come dressed in your favorite couture and grab your plus one! This get together will be held in your old home Manhattan. Dress for the chill because this is going to be a rooftop party

*sorry this is so late. gah, midterms. i'll try to include as many people as possible. please comment relationships/how they'd interact :)*
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