layout credit goes to vicki :3

i was tagged by the epic ~CornyPop~, thank you!

five things about me:
* i have a slight obsession with band leaders (danny, adam, tyson) and generally music, especially the script, the fray, snow patrol. music changes my mood and generally has a huge effect on me and my life.
* give me doritos, ice cream, ice tea, lebanese food, good music, a good book and i'm the happiest person ever. and talk to me about politics, philosophy, psychology, history, sociology and i love you forever. and yep, that's what i wanna do in the future, most probably as part of the UN where i'll start a training next year. :3 
* i seem arrogant and cold and bitchy, which i sometimes can be, but mostly i'm too proud, moody and a little bit too passionate.
* my best friend decided that she doesn't want to be my friend anymore and since then, my whole group is sticking with her. thankfully, i have my childhood - and i mean childhood, talk about races in diapers and first words together - friends have my back and i have the best friends ever. like, really. screw her. :3 
* i'm obsessed with rosie. 

ooookaay. i tag:
pri <3's rathbone 
 megαn ☮

eep. okay. anyone know a good roleplay? good as in active and nice people and good stories and a 'community' somehow? i don't care what it is, preferably something in the show business or mafia something? and preferably where i can create a character :3 

okay, enough for now, ciao :)
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