A Motel - Dog Is Dead

I think this is my favourite song. I just like some of the lyrics in it, they just apply a lot to right now. 

I had a picnic in the woods today with some friends because it was one of their birthdays. It was kind of good, we went for a walk and then ate, but I didn't really eat anything because I wasn't hungry. 
Then we just stayed in this park thing they have there and I took pictures of everyone. 
I kind of want to plan more days like that, I even have a perfect place in mind of where to have a picnic I just need to find the right people. 

I should really get off the internet now, I have a lot of physics and french homework to do despite there only being three weeks left of school :/ Nirvana & Dog Is Dead are going to be the only things that'll get me through this.

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