“Hello, my name is Chelsea Staub,” Chelsea said into the microphone in front of her. She smiled to the crowd of reporters and fans gathered around her. “Today, I'm here to discuss a very important charity that I'm starting, with the help of my managing team and the Chelsea Staub fan club.” She smiled to her team, and then the President of her fan club. “If you've ever talked with me or read any of my interviews, you know that fashion is an important part of my life. This is why I've chosen to start, “Chelsea's Clothes Closet”, a charity that helps to clothe children not only in our tri-state area, but also all around the nation. My goal with “Chelsea's Clothes Closet”, or “CCC”, is to dress one million children head to toe within one year. We're talking about children who will have nothing to wear to school in the fall. We're talking about kids having no shoes to wear next December. Children in these conditions are everywhere. You may not notice because of your 'busy' schedule, but there are children in need in this very neighborhood. With your help, we can clothe one million children this year, and with your help, we can make a difference in their lives. I'm Chelsea Staub, and I support “Chelsea's Clothes Closet”.” Chelsea smiled at the reporters flashed their camera's and shouted questions. She pointed to a short reporter in the front.

“Where can we find out more information?” he asked, holding up a recorder.

“You can log on to ChelseaStaubFan.com to find out how to help. You can also log on to the official Disney Studio website to find links to other sites,” Chelsea informed, smiling.
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