Ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

Indiana Samuels
age: 21
bio: Five years ago, Indiana Samuels took money from her parents, ran away from home on her wedding day, and stole a horse on her way out. She longed for the life of adventure, and that’s just what she got. Formerly a pampered princess of one of Nevada’s wealthiest families, Indiana set out with the intent on becoming a demon hunter, though when faced with the question of how one traps and kills a demon, Indiana redirected her intentions by becoming a monster hunter. A drifter after all these years, Indiana has settled “temporarily” in Fox Paw – bought herself a little bit of land and built a ramshackle cottage just on the edge of town which houses both herself and the young man she formerly assumed to be a stray dog (turns out he’s a shape shifter). Blissfully unaware that a bounty has been placed on her head by her parents, Indiana stumbles through her life in the small Texan town investigating werewolf attacks, being accused of being a witch, and hunting things that go bump in the night. It’ll be hard to say if she’ll make it through the encounter with the familiar stranger who’s got a bullet with her name on it. Chances are she won’t.
looks like: Lindsey Wixson
taken by: semper eadem?
Ezekiel ‘Zeke’ Hedstrom
age: 25
bio: A young man from an wealthy family, Ezekiel grew up with Indiana Samuels on her parents’ estate grounds, their families being quite close and all. When the day came that the two children were to be married to create a closer union for the Samuels and Hedstrom families in business, Indiana disappeared, leaving Ezekiel heartbroken. Depressed and with a romantic notion that he could not go on living without her, he joined the Union army when the Civil War started. Of the things Ezekiel lost in the war were his right eye and his silly romantic notions. He was a different man when he left service – cold and hardened, he became a bounty hunter several months just before the war ended, hunting down deserters and doing other various dirty jobs for both sides. As of a few months ago, he was given a commission by his former in-laws-to-be to track down Indiana, as their own resources and connections had failed them years ago. Determined to bring Indiana back dead or alive, he’s finally tracked her to Fox Paw, Texas. Little does he know, she’s not going down with out a fight or a hail of bullets.
looks like: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Simeon Barrow, shapeshifter
age: unknown
bio: to come
looks like: Jack White

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