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you have to go to 'your items' and put 25 pictures off every 25th picture in your items and caption what they remind you of, and 25 things about yourself, enjoi the challenge ;D
1.i love cats
2.i'm a hula hooper
3.i'm 16 in 17 days
4.i love dressing up as a native american indians
5.i don't believe in much
6.hello kitty freak...sorry >< oh well,
7.i've chosen almost all the tattoos i want
8.i neve have a favourite anything because i'm so indecisive!
9.i love learning new recipes to cook or bake :)
10.i love to travel, like anyone else!
11.i've just quit smoking :P
12.i have bright red hair
13.i have a phobia of the police
14.i love horror movies
15.i love to read
16. i love theme parks
17.wagamamas/cafe des amis are my fav restaurantes
18.i've been single for 5 months now :P
19.bit of a gamer geek, though not saying i am one! :3
20.fashion is second nature to me
21.i do bike training
22.i'm leaving school in 2 onths
23.i smashed my iphone screen yesterday
24.i love fireworks
25.wine or g n t is my fav alcoholic drink
not very interesting but oh well! i'm tired and bored :P carry it on and tag me i'd love to see your versions :) enjoi, x.mimi.x

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Wrote three years ago
this failed my computers annoying, i'm off to bed though >< sleep well guys X.mimi.X


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