" starts with the decision to try. "

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this set is so summery. sat with my nan. c':
she's reading on her kindle. we went to town today. my mum & grandad are setting up my aunt's kindle. c'x

i got two new books today. woo john green. now i have five books to read and not three. and i would be all. 'hey i have this week off' but i have two sleepovers so i actually am pretty busy. but i guess i can try and read a little bit. c'x

no - one's online. does anyone actually have school today? i hope not. otherwise i'll be alone all day. omg. 

oh, i also got a one direction bracelet, and some stuff for mother's day. i don't think i got anything else. does a scone and tango count? o.e

so yes, i go to town and never buy any clothes. one time i bought socks and one time a plain t-shirt. oh and one time i bought shoes. but that's it ..

i have nothing else to type now. i think you should message me if you are online. o:

yours, lady di. x
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