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New contest! :D

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New contest up! Congrats to the neon yellow winners. All of the sets were great!

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Congrats to the instrument winners. You guys make it so hard for me to choose! New contest up now :) Oh, and happy 4th of July!

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Hey guys! Doing something different in my contest this week to help out a friend. The pictures are beautiful and the jewelry is amazing, so I hope you have fun with this contest just like the others.
PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!
Like in all of my contests, there will be 12 winners with trophies, but first place winner will receive credit for any jewelry $30 and under from Chloe+Isabel website.
Anyone can enter and win a trophy but to be chosen for 1st place you must be a resident of the United States for shipping purposes.
We must have 75 entries for this contest, so I will keep it up as long as it takes.
Again, the website is
Please check out her jewelry and if you see something you like make sure you buy it!
You can find Chelsea at and she would be happy to answer anything I may have missed or forgot to cover.
Please participate and have fun! :)

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Sorry for being absent for so long guys. I ended up with the flu. :( But I'm back and there is a new contest posted. Hope you're all well and having fun!

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Hey guys! My friend @savanna-klavano has started up a new group for everyone and it would be really awesome if you would join! The link is below if you're looking for a new group! There will be contests when we reach enough members!

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Also, loves, new contest is up!

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I just wanted to announce that I really do look at all of the sets that you guys submit to my group and I am so impressed by them! Keep it up, guys! <3
- Kelsea

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Hit 300 members! Thank you all so much! <3
Love, Kelsea