Baby Come Back//Vanessa Hudgens


Eh, this is a lazy set. Oh well, it's still a set. How are things, lovelies?

Guess what! I FINALLY got me some white Converse! Ugh they're so awesome lol

So tommorow, I get to go to New York! I thought it was like Thursday night that we were leaving but I guess not. Honestly, the only reason my mom actually bought me those shoes was because we were supposed to bring "comfortable walking shoes." She asked me if I needed some and I hinted that I would just adore a pair of white high tops... So yeah, that happened.

Did you guys see the new episode of Teen Wolf last night? Was it lovely? I didn't get a chance to watch yet :( I'll probably just watch it tonight lol. No spoilers please!

I thought I had better stories for you... 

They were much longer in my head... 

Oh! So does anyone have advice on how to sort out your feelings? Cause there's this guy that I've mentioned a time or ten before, and I'm still confused on how I feel about him :/ He seems like he might like me, and my friend thinks so, but he's two years older than me! Typically that's not a problem, but I mean I'm in 8th grade and he's a sophomore. It just doesn't seem likely, does it? But now, only because she said that, I find myself thinking how nice it would be to have his arms wrapped around me, and how he's so tall, and all that lovey-dovey crap. Halp!

I gotta say what's in my mind! OMG that song just came on! (Gotta go my own way from HSM2) I just don't belong here! I hope you understand!

So we had I-Step today in school (standardized test Dx) and I swear my hand was cramping for the next ten minutes after the stupid essay! And I almost didn't have time to finish and I was sooooo terrified!

Now that that's all off my chest, I love you!

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