☽Name: Franchesca Rose Galloway-Gilroy 
Age: 27
Birthdate: August 21st 1987
Height: 5'10
From: New York, New York
Occupation: Heiress of her late business magnate husband’s empire (resorts in Las Vegas mostly) but the board of directors does everything. 
Likes: Parties, luxurious things, real estate, shopping, cats, make up, massages, men, food, wine, whiskey, fast cars, rap music… 
Dislikes: Anything boring and slow moving, sad songs, annoying, classless things, gossip, tv…
Relationship status: Widow of Ted Gilroy (56) who died few months ago under the suspicious circumstances. Police ruled it accident but some people think that Franchesca killed him. 
Franchesca grew up in Upper East side home with mother Olivia Galloway, ex supermodel and socialite and deceased Theo Galloway, big New York lawyer. Her father died when Franchesca was 15 and it influenced her very badly. She started drinking and partying heavily so her mother sent her to France for few years to stay with her aunt because she couldn’t deal with her anymore and she was afraid that Franchesca would mess up her spotless Manhattan reputation. Living with her favorite aunt Elaine Franchesca was happier; she developed taste and poise and grew into a lovely and dangerous femme fatale. At 25, while staying in Monte Carlo, she met 3 decades older Ted Gilroy whom she married at grand Las Vegas ceremony just few weeks after. He died a year later leaving her with all his fortune.
Immediate Family: 
Elaine Daniels (44) Aunt 
Olivia Galloway (57) Mother
Theo Galloway (68) Father (Deceased)
Ted Gilroy (56) husband (Deceased) 
Model: Joan Smalls 
Taken by: @catharinethegreat
▪ What are your views on high society?
I grew up in high society and at first I hated it. I remember my mother caring about every detail of presenting herself and me never getting it. She would attend some boring events with people that seemed too stuffy and fake, talk nonstop about stuff that seemed too trivial and care about everything more then me. It never mattered how I felt. It was all about looking happy and perfect. My father was not like that. He was a real man, hard working and in love with his family. After he died and I moved in with my aunt she changed my mind. I saw that high society could be fun and intriguing and I started to enjoy it greatly. Now, there’s no other way for me to live but on top. 

▪ Describe what a regular day is like for you
I have a cup of coffee and a cigarette while checking my e-mail, have brunch with my girlfriends, have a briefing with the board and my right-hand man, have lunch with someone, maybe squeeze in a massage and shopping, go out at night to a club or attend an event. 

▪ How inspired are you for this roleplay? How active will you be?
I thought a lot about this roleplay and about what my character should be like. I had many ideas and then set with this one. I like it a lot and I’m inspired to write for Franchesca and interact with some of my favorite roleplayers on polyvore. I have a busy schedule but I think I’ll have time to be active in here and I’m looking forward to it. 

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