Song: Alive by Adelitas Way (new obsession!)

Happy birthday to the wonderful @anashe! You have been a wonderful friend on Poly and I just adore your sets! You never fail to be unique :) Never stop believing in your dreams and reach for those stars. Even if you don't catch the stars, you will get a handful of clouds! Sweat, determination and hard work will get you there! Go girl :D

Also, happy (belated/early) birthday to the lovely @the-importance-of-being, @anelalovenathan, @nathaly-14. I wish you guys good health and be content with what you have :) Choose life, choose happiness, embrace positivity and bid adieu to negativity! All the best in life dear friends xx

Peek into the pea brain:
1) I know I said I'll be gone to study.. But I can't concentrate. This holiday was meant to be for studying but I have been watching way too much Korean dramas! *gasp*
2) I cut my hair! And I look like a boy. *double gasp* I don't look nice like Emma Watson, but I think I look pretty cool. Almost gangster worthy haha :p
3) I just got a sample (a huge one) of Daisy by Marc Jacobs. It's so pretty, I don't think I will ever use it :p
4) So... My interviews. Mmm. The teachers' one wasn't too bad, but I screwed up the Seniors' one. Gosh I was a mess of frayed nerves. Fingers crossed for the results!
5) Paralympics! I am so annoyed that my TV provider doesn't show the matches, thank you Jesus for the creation of Youtube though. So so happy that my country has two medals! I have a lot of admiration for these athletes, albeit having disabilities, they are able to shine for their countries. *standing ovation*
6) I went running yesterday! This is one step forward from the lack of physical exercise I have been getting for the past... idk how long ago since I last exercised. Anyway this is progress! ^^
7) All the tags I have been getting... Don't worry, my next set will tackle them! Patience!
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