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1) Answer the questions
2) tag 10 people
3) don't erase these rules
1) What pisses you off a lot?
-people, dirt, people, negativity and people.
2) Dreamworld, Movieworld, or wet and wild? 
( one only)
- Dreamworld-- all the way
3) Favorite movie of 2013
- Catching Fire
4) What was the last lie you ever told? 
- idk, cant remember
5) Can you touch your nose with your tongue? 
- nope
6) How many languages do you speak? Name them?
- I'm fluent in English and Turkish but i know how to read and write Arabic, i also know a tiny bit of Greek.
7) What's your bad habit?
-rolling my eyes unintentionally, 
and its bad because when i actually want to roll my eyes people think i don't mean it... :(
8) Do you hate anyone at the moment? Why?
- oh yh, but i dont wanna name em, there's 2, one's a celebrity and one's someone i know..
9) What are you craving right now?
- nothing
10) Who introduced Polyvore to you?
- i actually came across it myself while browsing catalogs but then i didn't really make an account, but i first made an account on asos, then someone told me that polyvore had the same account thingy too so i made one on this too.. that was long.
11) Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? Why?
- uhuh, because god is the ruler of the universe and everything that happens on earth has been planned already, so whatever happens, happens for a reason.
12) Do you have attitude?
- not usually
13) Who was the last person you cried on front of? Why?
- mommy
14) Why do round pizzas come in a square boxes?
- im guessing because its hard to find round boxes and also it'd be hard to make them.
15) How old do you think you will be when you get married?
- humm between 19 and 24, no later please.
16) What is your favorite tv show when you were a child?
- play school and bananas in pajamas AND arthur
17) Is your father bold?
- no, he has hair
18) What would your parents name you if you were the opposite gender?
- idk, i haven't asked them yet
19) Do you ever remember your dreams back in the morning?
20) How old were you when you found out Santa and the tooth fairy isn't real?
- 4 or 5, i was young, my parents didnt bother about santa, but they tried the tooth fairy on me but i figured it out..

I Tag:
1) @aaaayn
2) @hydration 
3) @pretty-basic
4) @limoncelle
5) @georginafilkin
6) @annsharif 
7) @blod-sommerfugl 
8) @tomato-juice 
9) @loeswhite
10) @shaniaayr 

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