Hey Guys (again.)
So I feel ill. Just in the past 10 minutes of making this set I feel to go and curl up in a corner somewhere and...idk.. something. I'm sick of feeling ill though. I got a cold 3 weeks ago which I got sent home from school for, I overdosed on Paracetamol the same day, I have a cough and I was ill a week ago because of some stupid sweets. Ergh. I hate it. 
Although over this time of being ill I've thought about something. Even though this just came into my mind just before I felt ill about 10 minutes ago It hurt. A lot. Maybe I feel sick because I am or I'm just nervous for what I'm thinking but It's horrible. And I hate it. 
I won't see my closest friend in 3 years time ever again. 3 years. What? I know it's my choice that I want to go to college in London when I'm 16 but still. 
Ergh, god I can't finish this I feel sick. I'm sorry.
But remember, I need to go lie down or something.
Lululovesyou xx
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