title taken from this text post on tumblr; http://91egg.tumblr.com/post/142090578037/fefnep-every-time-a-girl-calls-me-cute-my

which is true !!! girls should always love and support other girls c:

the description will probably be updated later with how school's been for me. fun fact: it's not been good ughhhh ;A;

update; if anyone's curious about my school life, it's been meh since i left on hiatus. after spring break, we concluded the physics part of chem 20 ib and we're actually moving into proper chemistry now. my mark in that course is slowly but surely inching its way back upwards, towards the high eighties, nineties. my goal in that course is probably gonna be ninety three percent or higher after finals. 

english is about the same. i think i have a high eighty or low ninety in the course, which is fine by me. we had an englisih midterm this week too, which was kinda tedious, but i'd like to say i did well on it. i mean, i finished my essay on time, it's just the concluding sentence was really weak imho.

aaaaaaand of course, math aka the bane of my existence. i should be honest, the real reason why i wanted to halt my polyvore activities was bc of my average in math. and despite me giving up my social media, my math average has gone even further downwards. seriously. i did some calculations, and i need to get at least ninety percent in each unit [we have three left] and on the final exam to bring it up to an eighty unstandardized. it also means that i need to get at least eighty percent on the ib final [it's a mini exam worth four percent only on ib material for math] as well. i'm really upset with myself. 

that's all for me currently, i'm not returning to polyvore full time just yet [bc math] but i might be more active now haha cx

thanks for continuing to support me guys <33

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