"Where were you?" Riley asked me as I stepped into the room.
"I had to pick up some books at at the library."
"Yeah, okay." he sat back down. I glared over his shoulder noticing the white powder on the desk,
"A- are you doing drugs again?"
He turned around in his seat, "Sort of."
"I thought we said we weren't going to do that anymore."
"Maybe you can, I can't. I mean, god, have you ever tried talking with you sober?"
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"Well fine! I didn't know I bored you that much!"
"It's not that. It's just that you whine all the fu.cking time. You're such a martyr."
"And you're not?" I snapped back.
"Whatever." he shrugged.
"You don't mean any of this, you're just high."
"Am I?"
"Riley, just grow the fu.ck up. I know you're upset at me for not keeping the baby. But guess what? It's not your choice, it wasn't mine either. Live with it."
"Don't tell me what to do you little c.nt." he stood up.
"What did you call me!?" I marched over to him.
"You heard me."
I slapped him in the face, "Don't ever say that again!"
"Or what!?" he grabbed me by the shoulders.
"Let go of me." I begged. He slammed my back up against the wall and held me there,
"You are really an ugly person, inside and out." he let go of me.

[Sunday Morning]

I knocked on Fallon's door waiting for her to answer. She'd probably know where Aiden was. When the door opened it was him.
"Oh, hi. What are you doing here?" I wondered.
His stood there in nothing but his boxers, "They fu.cked up my dorm application and Fallon's letting me stay here." he kept the door half open so I couldn't see inside. I was disheartened, I wanted to be the girl (or girls) who had been so lucky to be with him last night. He seemed so charming and sweet, I hoped he was sincere.
"That's okay if you're busy. I just wanted to drop off these brownies I made for you. You know, as a thank you." I held up the plate of brownies.
"Give me a minute, I'll put on my clothes and we'll go for a walk. I practically sleep naked. Be right back." he slammed the door and came out seconds later fully dressed.
"Wow, that was fast." I giggled.
"I've had a lot of practice."
I handed him the plate and we started walking down the hall. I stared down at the floor while we walked, "So I can't thank you enough."
"That's really not a problem."
"No, no. I am really grateful. It's been really scary around here. With everyone dropping like flies."
"Man, that's insane." he shook his head, then looked at me, pausing, Why are you wearing a jacket?"
"It's gotta be at least 75 in here. Take it off."
"I don't think so, I... fell last night."
"What happened? How'd you fall?"
"I bumped into some drunk idiot who shoved me into a wall, now I have these big ugly bruises on my back and shoulders." I lied.
"Come on, I'm sure you look fine."
I nodded, taking off my jacket. I was wearing the same dress had on last night, revealing my bruises. "Bad, right?"
"That... doesn't look like you just fell." he stopped.
"Yeah, because someone shoved me."
"Who shoved you?"
"It doesn't matter! It was an accident."
"You're sure about that?"
I sighed, "Please, leave it alone. It was my fault."
"What happened?" he looked concerned.
"I'm fine. I need to go now. Enjoy your brownies, I'll see you in class tomorrow." I spun around on my heel and started to head back to my dorm room. I turned around, "Aiden?"
"Do you really think I'm beautiful?"
"Inside and out."
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