"Every time she closed her eyes"

The group squandered the rain puddles and pelting drops. Watery mud jumped up onto them. There was a shout in the distance. He waved them over. They trudged over appreciatively and made their way into the familiar house. "She's upstairs." They nodded collectively. Their eyes scanned the place. They'd never been up here before and were curious. What was she doing up here? They found her furiously painting what could only be described as a masterpiece. She looked up in surprise at her assembled friends. "I'll be over in a minute. Just let me clean up." As she ventured over to the sink, they explored this detailed world, they had never known she had made. Her cheeks blushed a pale pink and she shrugged uncomfortably as they praised her work. "It's nothing." "It's not nothing. It's..," He searched for the words. "Incredible."
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Amazing collection!! ♥