where are my weekends going. I am always busy. yesterday our marching band hosted a band competition and it was such a blast. From 9-1 I was helping out feeding the judges and the band directors from other schools. I was surrounded by amazing looking food that I couldn't eat. waah! but we did get left overs though. Everyone was laughing at me because i kept eyeing the mac and cheese. that I couldnt eat. 

then I went home at one watched the gator game!!(we won!! oh yeah) Then I went back around 5:30 and watched some AMAZING marching bands. There was one band who did a phantom of the opera show that blew my mind!! but they didn't win. I wanted them to be the winners so bad!

then we had to do our show last. Our band director did a prayer before hand and he almost started crying then we all started crying. It was such a beautiful emotional moment-especially for the seniors. the show we did was amazing!! But unfortunately my ligature feel off that was holding my clarinet reed. it slipped off right during the drum solo of our show. it was terrible. so I couldn't play a single note. thank goodness my section leader found it. but I cried because I was scared I was going to get yelled at. I guess I was a little emotional because my grandparents were there watching. so I felt terrible I messed up like that. But they were still proud.

I really like our half time show this year. Its dedicated to our military. So many people respect it and love it. I have heard so many stories of how it touched a lot of people. Especially when a trumpet solo does "taps". it's really one of the best shows my band has ever done. I truly believe it. If you are you wanna check it out I will add a youtube link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wD1HLvCdFLI
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