-I'm only sleeping, the beatles <3

Samantha Bloomingdale- getting passports for spring break.

"Sam, you almost ready?" Melissa called from outside of my door.
"Almost" I called back. I put on my D&G brooch and put my Chanel sunglasses on. My head was pounding and my eyes were bloodshot. I might just sue if they won't let me keep my sunglasses on.

Melissa and I walked out of our 5th av. penthouse and got in the limo.
"Why the sunglasses? Its not very sunny out today." She opened the window and her Chanel Chance drifted over towards me.
I pulled up my glasses to reveal my red eyes. 

"Ouch, what the hell where you doing?" She asked shading her own eyes.
"Texting Alex." I put my hands in my lap and looked out the window. Soon a smile crept across her face, and we quickly ran into starbucks.
"Just wait a damn minute, passports can wait, but your boyfriend to be can't."
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