Because a cats the only cat. Who know where it's at.
Everybody's pickin' up on that feline beat,
Cause everything else is obsolete.
ONE of my favourite disney movies of all time is Artistocats, so I watched that today with my little cousins, it was soo good! Best memories. 

So, carrying on, I've been sleeping late and waking up late, school is starting soon so I have to get back into my STUPID SCHOOL SLEEPING PATTERN! Bed at 9:00pm-10:00 but 10:30 at the latest. BAH! 

How could you people possibly find me interesting, I write then a whole bunch of you message me and ask about my life, ahaha but thank you, you as well as my real friends are wonderful :) Quiet frankly I don't think I am fascinating at ALL!

So I was reading my favourite manga, and I was LITERALLY ONE PAGE AWAY FROM READING THE MOSST IMPORTANT BIT!! Then, I find out, that the book is finished.. BEFORE I COULD FIND OUT THE AMAZINGEST BIT! Soo, I am pissed because I read 11 volumes to find out that the 12th! ISN'T EVEN PUBLISHED YET! Dayumm, wasting all me time. Aww well, it's so good I'mma read it over until the 12 volume comes out. BUT I AM STILL ANGRY PWAAAAA! 

Okay, I have to get going, my step dad is going to teach me how to play COD (call of duty) 

Goodbye my lovelies!

OOOH! But I advise you all to watch this to your hearts content BECAUSE IT IS HILARIOUS! Best. Dance. Ever.!
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