Hey guys!
Sorry I haven't been on in a while. 
So on Monday I was volunteering at a daycare and I found my two favourites. They're both little boys in kindegarten and they both have dimples and omg they're soooo freaking cute. The taller one has a crush on me and its soooo adorable. His friend told me "Cavan loves you so you HAVE to marry him" and he blushed and was like "no I don't" and he was blushing and threw a block at his friend. And the smaller one (Nick) is SOOOO ADORABLE I just can't. He has bright blue eyes and he's soo tinyy. I was watching Finding Nemo with them and Nick kept sitting on my lap and jdaskfaskl he's the cutest. He told me that he loved being near me(:
SO yeah that's how my Monday was.

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