Name: Gorgina O' Malley
Age: 21
Portrayed by: Bonnie Wright
Role: Stage Manager
Relationship status: what's a relationship?
Biography: Gorgina is a workaholic that doesn't have time for diva's. She is the first to arrive at the theater and last to leave. She moved to the company from the panhandle of Florida despite her family's protest (they no longer communicate). She could be found smoking at the Starbucks around the corner on lunch breaks and drinking straight shots of vodka at the local bar after the theater has closed. She is prone to addiction has has tried to quit her habits multiple times, all ending in failure. She has never been in a relationship, but settles for the occasional hook-up. She is too driven by her career to dedicate time to another individual. 
She tapped the ashes onto the concrete, trying to judge how many more drags she could take before she would stomp the heat out of the cigarette. Georgina took two more puffs before crushing the light with the toe of her boots. Her head felt like it was going to explode, and the sounds of honking taxis wasn't making the sensation go away. She pulled a Fiji water out of her tote and finished it off before turning towards the door, opening it was all the force she could muster. As soon as she entered the dancers and actors started fidgeting with scripts and costumes, looking productive. Georgina rolled her eyes and dumped her bag by her desk.
It wasn't a desk, more like a block of oak on four pillars. She placed it stage right, opposite of the prop table. She watched the prop master laughing with some makeup artist and scowled. 
"All right, people. Five 'till places!" Her voice echoed through the fly space as panic ensued. She flipped open the prompt book, ready to start the twelve hour day.
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