+City To Die For
+Eyes Open by Taylor Swift

name; scarlett sinclair
age; twenty two
job; crime scene investigator 
bio; scarlett’s new to the whole crime scene investigation world. fresh out of college and with stellar recommendations, she found her dream job in the nation’s capitol city. now she’s here it seems this poor girl can’t get a break. everyone’s calling rank over her and god knows how many times she’s gotten lost trying to find the lab. but despite all the hazing, she’s still loving her job even if it isn’t exactly what her debutant mother dreamed of her having. can this sweetheart prove to everyone that she’s where she belongs and earn some respect?
dating status; single
looks; mila kunis (changed to ashley greene with permission by @haute-hippie)
taken by; open

Top Five:
1. Scarlett Sinclair
2. Aimee Venuto
3. Marley O'Donnel
4. Holly Vega 
5. Phoenix Giancola 

Collection: http://www.polyvore.com/scarlett_sinclair_cdf/collection?id=1805328

I mentally sent up a prayer: Call my name. Call my name. Call my name. Scarlett Sinclair. Please. 

Pen in hand, Derek Stokes looked up from his clipboard. His eyes shot straight toward me and my heart began pounding in my chest. This was it, wasn’t it? I was finally going to get the job. I was going to be the crime scene investigator for this case. 

He cleared his throat. “Crime scene investigator… Harlow Leone,”

My heart dropped.

Harlow looked over at me with a pout. “Better luck next time,” she said before striding off, up to discuss the case with Mr. Stokes. I watched in disbelief.

I was so sure that I had finally gotten my big break. I was so sure that I was going to prove myself to everyone, that they would kick themselves for not realizing how amazing I was. I had been working here for over a month and so far I had not gotten to work on a single case.

I was always, /always/ forgotten. My name probably wasn’t even on that clipboard. They didn’t care that I was even here. They should just fire me already.

No. I pushed those thoughts out of my head. I just needed to prove myself to them. I needed to work harder. Take risks. Show them just what Scarlett Sinclair was made of. Next case, I told myself. You’ll get it next time.

Isn’t that what I always told myself, though?

I slowly retreated from the room and gathered my things. I drove straight home and got drunk on a bottle of red wine because I honestly had nothing better to do with my time.

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