~Coldplay, I Ran Away {Coldplay is always a favorite, but this is one of my current favorites that I recently rediscovered <3}

http://8tracks.com/brunettesilhouette/the-inbetween (my newest playlist, please check it out!)

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1. It's been ages since my last Olivia set so I had to make a new one! I recently started following her and Johannes on Instagram haha too much perfection but yay for daily Olivia updates! Always my #1 style icon though I love following Alexa Chung's Instagram as well, and all the fashion bloggers I follow too.
2. How did everyone's Halloweens go? I ended up going as Hermione (though thanks for the angel suggestion @noceurs) and everyone loved it :) haha my hair is definitely Hermione-like and I wore a black pleated skirt I already had, a Brooks Brothers button down oxford I already had, black knee highs from my mom, a borrowed handmade Gryffindor tie from my cousin, black stacked heel brogues I already had, a maroon v-neck sweater I found at Goodwill, and a black cape borrowed from my brother! It looked pretty awesome if I do say so myself ;) Anyway, it was a lot of fun going to the hospital and making crafts (and eating candy) with the little kids. Afterward I went to dinner with a few of my sorority sisters and I was the only one dressed up but I, of course, looked the best <3
3. I NEED SOMETHING VALENTINO. That bag, man. The one Olivia is carrying and the one in this set... My dream wedding dress is Valentino Haute Couture or Oscar de la Renta. *sigh*
4. So Story of My Life? Yeah, not even going to address it. Except to say that I'm so done oh my gosh I can't anymore. 
6. I have to nerd out a bit and say that on Sunday it was Beck's (my fictional character from Depth if you don't know) birthday haha and I really wanted to go to Target and get red velvet cupcakes but never did and yeah I was such a dork but I did sort-of celebrate my own character's birthday xD
7. I got invited and accepted into another academic honor society! Anyone else in Delta Epsilon Iota? :)
8. The TFIOS movie is going to kill me. 
9. Allegiant is going to kill me as I finally FINALLY have time to read it and I'm scared to because the series will be just OVER once I finish it but OMG I have to... I'm going to start reading it tomorrow aghhhhh feelsssss my bby Tobias... Help. THAT MOVIE TOO IS GONNA KILL ME. It's so hard being a hardcore fangirl for so many fandoms.
10. Speaking of, I'm on season 3 of Breaking Bad and it's so crazy omg also one of my favorite lines from any show ever is definitely "I thought we were going to Cold Stone Creamery?" GOTTA LOVE WALT JR. 
11. I need a job :/
12. I probably have something else to say but I'm blanking right now. So I guess this is it for now. Miss and love you guys! Please update me on your lives as well as I'm trying to keep up but sometimes I suck at that xP 

HAVE AN AMAZING REST OF THE WEEK. It's hump day, guys. Get excited. 


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