- Pushing me Away // Linkin Park [and seriously this song fits PERFECTLY. I might use the lyrics more often for Hannah]

Kind of an important Hannah story so if you're going to read any of them read this one?

Hannah Darval; August 23

The sun was shining, it was the day before I left my teenage years forever and I was in a good mood returning home from another meeting with Samantha and Dean. This time at Dean’s office and Samantha had been nice and even given me an early birthday present. Maybe she really did care, and the small stupid present was something that would probably brighten my whole day, I reflected as I let myself into my house.

Except oh shit no, my day was about to take a turn for the worst because there was a vase of fresh flowers sitting on the table in the entrance that had most defiantly not been there before. Hesitantly making my way to the living room I sighed in total exasperation as I noticed the present sitting on the couch. Fucking Steane could not get a hint. I mean, sure it could be someone else but I just knew it was Steane.

Dropping my bag and kicking my shoes off none to gently, one of them hit the wall with a bang, I sat next to the present, staring at it with a frown. What on earth could it be? I wondered. I considered just sending it back to him except that was petty. Instead I pulled my phone out off my pocket and phoned him - before I could realise the absolute stupidity of you know, contacting him. I was probably doing exactly what he wanted but I didn’t even care.

“Hello Love.” He answered the phone smugly. Dick.

“You are a fucking moron. You’re an idiot. You are so stupid and dense and can you not take a fucking hint. No you cannot even listen to a fucking order. Where you dropped on your motherfucking head as a baby?” I all but yelled down the phone. And okay it wasn’t classy or calm or mature but I was so fucking sick of the arrogant stubborn douche-bag. 

“Are you done?” He asked in amusement. Ugh, he was just so dense. Or, had we always been this way, had he always just worn down me down with the stupid.

“Yes I am thank you very much.” I snapped at him, really glad he wasn’t here because I would punch that son of a bit.ch, “I am done with you.”

“No you’re not.”

“Steane, just stop.” I sighed, feeling so fucking resigned because this was stupid, “I want my key back, I want you to never come over here again and I mean it.” I played with the bow on the present, noticing absentmindedly there was a tag on there, “Drop the key with Dean. If you ever come onto my property again I will have you arrested for trespassing.

“You’re serious.” He said, suddenly serious. Apparently finally getting it. “You really mean it this time.” He sounded resigned. I don’t know how I felt, now that he’d given up.

“Yes.” I said simply, letting the harsh words in my head die on my tongue.

“Did you at least open the present?” He asked softly.

“No. I don’t want it.” I meant to snap, but it came out small and sad. Fucking emotions, “I don’t want anything of yours. Anything from you.” I said making a decision. I needed to purge him from my life. “I’ll give it to Sunny.” I said, referring to his manager “ She can give it to you.”

“Please.” He said, “Just open the present. Give everything back, never talk to me again but just open the present.”

I would have refused except he sounded so desperate and sad and small. Logically I KNEW he was an actor but I just couldn’t reconcile that in my head.

“Stop. Steane stop.” I sighed, rubbing my eyes but not refusing, “Stop doing this. We should stop doing this to each other. It’s not heathy.”

“But I love you Hannah.” He sounded resolved, not so broken. Maybe the sadness was an act, maybe he was putting on a mask I didn’t care anymore.

“It’s not enough.” I said simply before hanging up on him. Feeling like an angsty teenage girl from a movie and no that would not do.

My eyes fell to the present and I felt kind of curious. Deliberately avoiding the tag I tugged on the bow, wondering what was so special about it Steane needed me to open it.

I unwrapped it then it, knowing my hope were probably to high and it was something tacky, but maybe it was something vaguely useful I could give to someone else. Except no, it was perfect; so perfect I gasped in shock, dropping my phone in my lap and covering my mouth with my hand. I sat there, starring at the most perfect thoughtful gift I’d ever received, tears welling slightly in my eyes.

I’m not entirely sure when I picked up my phone, it must have been a subconscious thing because the next thing I know it was pressed to my ear and Steane was talking to me, “Hannah. Hannah sweetie?” He asked softly because I suppose it was weird to call someone and then not speak. It was the gentleness that struck me, I expected gloating or smugness not this sweetness. It made it so hard to stay away. and I didn’t want to anymore. Maybe I had never wanted to.

“Come over please.”

“Are you sure?” He sounded hesitant. 

“Yes.” I said

And then he disconnected.

I stared at the phone in my hands in shock. Had I really just done that? It was a stupid decision, he’s hurt me I was sure but then again, he’d sounded so sincere. And I believed him. I believed he’d changed, that he was going to try harder.

And then there was a knocking at the door

And then he was hear. Smiling in that smug but somehow apologetic way he had.

He opened his mouth to speak, but I knew that would ruin the moment. Steane was always ruining the moment.

[@vicks @nifty-nikki]

So instead I grabbed his wrist, dragged him inside and kissed him.

And yea, there wasn’t much talking for a long time after that.

[@vicks and @nifty-nikki don't really like the form/way this story came out it doesn't FLOW but important one and no more time so yea]
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love it!

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[Loved it very much!]

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Stunning set! Love the colour combo!



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