Finals week. Kill me now. Study me not.
(Does that make sense?)
Ap Us and Spanish 3 H final tomorrow. That means 2 essay and 150+ questions. I can handle it, but I'd rather not do it at all.
Also, Neji from Naruto just died. I grieved for hours. Sad, sad day.
Found out about this indie band, Dog is Dead. I quite enjoy them. Check out Teenage Daughter by them.
Well anyway, polyvore has become my blog for some reason, follow my tumblr anyway. or follow me on twitter @ talia_lovesyou
a random contest.

a random contest.

173 sets from 9 members. Ended two years ago.
submit whatever you'd like!
i'd like to keep this group open, and i'm sure the lot of you who are left would as well.
so, go crazy.
go wild.
and maybe i might revive this battle :3