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Logan Lerman as Pintrest

Stephen Richards the the younger of two boys in his family. He is quiet, introverted and and tends lurk around the edges of a crowd. He is obsessed with photography and is always taking pictures and trying out new techniques. Stephen has some OCD tendencies with making lists and making sure everything is in order. His bedroom is perfectly organized and nothing is ever out of place. The two people in the whole world who can always bring Stephen out of his shell are his elderly grandmother who he helps to take care of and his older brother, who is deployed overseas. Stephen never leaves the house without his brother's old sports jacket which he keeps in meticulous condition. His grandmother is the one person who can get him to break out of his OCD tendencies as she bosses him around the kitchen as he helps her cook. Stephen is a decent student and hopes to go into business someday as an accountant.


So I'm really having fun with this collection I've started and if anyone has any questions as to why I chose the personalities I chose for the different websites, feel free to ask. I love hearing people's reactions to my work
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