JOB; computer programer / complaint manager / singer
HOMETOWN; Moscow, Russia
BIRTHDAY; August 1st
PERSONALITY; enthusiastic, warm-hearted, trustworthy, classy, polite, witty but also has a bad side - she can be an utter biotch if she doesn't like you/your attitude
BIO; Why would this lovely blonde be travelling all the way from Moscow to California? Is she moving across such distance simply for a job? Yes (and no). Florentina's the girl who was blessed with both beauty and brains, she's incredibly intelligent and her knowledge of computers and technology overwhelms others. Which quite clearly explains her offer of such a job, working half way across the globe on an international website with non-other than Mark Zuckerberg. But this is not the only reason for the sudden move. Florentina may seem like a picture-perfect girl on the outside but on the inside she is falling a part much like her family. Her father and mother recently divorced after the affair rose and bubbled from an anonymous source (thought to be another family member). Her mother had been seeing another man for three years and that is not where the bad news stops. Florentina's (close) cousin was in a terrible bar fight where she was smashed across the head with a glass bottle and resulted in a soon tragic death. And Florentina's younger brother recently fled Moscow with no explanation whatsoever. Florentina hopes that with a new place/country, it can mean a new beginning and hopefully the heavy weight on her shoulders will be lifted.
MODEL; Dianna Agron

- what brings you to facebook?
This is such a once in a life-time offer and something I could not say 'no' to; I know that by working in a familar environment but with new people, in a new country, it'll be an overall joyful experience. 

 - how do you feel about working with visionary creators, such as facebook founder mark zuckerberg?
I feel very enthused and excited at working with such wonderful people who have definitely made their name not only country-wide but world-wide, I aspire to be (almost) as successful and take the world by storm. I believe I will also show them what potential I have and I hope to create some-sort of new bond with these people.

 - what do you hope to learn through this experience?
I hope to learn a variety of things and they a beyond my knowledge at this point, that's why you have to 'learn' them. But I hope to work on my computer programming skills (practice makes perfect) and I hope that my current attitudes will assist in my future job as complaint manager; I believe I can handle issues/problems with responsibility, loyalty, and maturity.
- what do you think you contribute to our company?
I think I can contribute my hard-working skills and also a helping hand and/or new friend which can offer advice whenever needed. I'm an overall a good person and employee.

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