Happy Birthday, @beggarmagik, and Happy Anniversary, Feminine Mystique!
The 50th-anniversary edition of “The Feminine Mystique,” by Betty Friedan, will be published next month by W.W. Norton & Company. 50 years ago…
- jeans were called “dungarees” and were only for working in the garden.
- boots were what you wore on rainy days.
- backpacks were carried by Boy (& Girl) Scouts on camping trips.
- pierced ears (in the U.S., anyway) were considered highly risqué… and if you DID get your ears pierced, it was just one tiny hole per earlobe.
- bottled water was what Mommies gave to their babies.
- running was something you did when you were late for school.
- “Puff the Magic Dragon” was in the top 100 Billboard Chart… and nobody suspected that the lyrics held a secondary meaning… which they actually didn’t.
- the majority of working women were secretaries, public school teachers, nurses, and retail salesladies.
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