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This is going to be my first story for CM! Ysabel's style is kinda preppy/cute/inspired by random things, I guess. Also, aren't those shoes AMAZING?! If they were comfortable, I'd buy them! Not...

Oh, and I changed my model to Jac Jagaciak.

January 8th: First day of classes. Check your schedules and check them twice, and you should probably find someone else in your class, because it's easy to get lost in Venice. Don't be late.

My roommate Emma was nice--she didn't talk much--but she was interesting when she /did/. She seemed smart too, after telling me she wanted to study international laws. It didn't seem to fit her. I don't know what, but something gave me the impression that she was a outdoorsy kind of girl. 

The other girl...Melanie? No, it was Melody. She was like the opposite of Emma, but not entirely. Mel was concerned with drinking and staying up late and all that. Not that I minded, though. She just seems a little immature, if that's the right word? But something tells me that there's more to her. 

That's one of my worst habits. You know, judging and conceiving ideas of people who I've only known for a few days. 

I shrugged and cracked my neck. Another bad habit. But I was stressed! Today was the first day of class and I knew I had to look good. Some girls here didn't look like they cared a whole lot about how they looked (Sapphire, Greek and Violet for example). Oh, ugh! There I go again. Judging people. At least I caught myself. 

Sapphire and Greek were okay, I hadn't really formed any opinions of them just yet, which might be a good thing for now, but never mind that. They're kind of... what's the word? Bland? I don't know. I don't even know them yet. However, /Violet/, she is something else. A blonde, kinda "eh" looking and really moody. I think she hates me. Already. I can't believe it because not very many people hate me, I mean, come on, I'm Ysabel Somerset! Future fashion designer extraordinaire. Everyone knew that. Maybe she's jealous. 

Back to Velvet, I mean, Violet. Or should I say Violent? She seems like the type. When I first met her she was talking about this pencil she keeps on her 24/7. She didn't show it to me per say, but I definitely saw it when she took it out. Why else would anyone keep a pencil in their pocket at all times unless they were a writer or something? And don't writers these days /type/? Besides, Violet doesn't seem like a writer. She's just so bleh. I'm probably the only person who has an actual excuse to carry a pencil with me every where I go. I'm an aspiring fashion designer. I sketch, jot, and write down everything that catches my eye. But Violet?! She probably uses the pencil to /stab/ people in the eye! Hence I call her "Violent." 

So I'm not afraid of her, I guess, but I will definitely be on guard. Especially since I kind of called her ugly in public and that might also be another reason why she hates me. Or she's just jealous. That makes more sense. 

Like I said, I'm stressed out. I sighed loudly which may or may not have awoke Emma, my roommate. I didn't care because I was in a dilemma. Yes, a dilemma on the first day of school! I had this black lace blouse. It was short-sleeved and kind of boring. Don't get me wrong, it was cute. It just wasn't me. Ysabel Somerset would never just go to school on the first day wearing something so.... Lazy? Yeah, lazy. I'm not a lazy person (most of the time), but I am creative. I got on the floor and dug through the clutter under my bed. I found my sewing machine and box of other sewing essentials. I noticed I had some extra white fabric, lots of it actually. I should put it to good use. I decided to add a collar to the blouse. That would look tres magnifique! That's just what I did. The blouse wasn't just a boring lacey blouse anymore. That made me smile. 

What didn't make me smile? The fact that I was fifteen minutes late! How did the time pass so quickly? Just a /few/ minutes ago, Emma was telling me, "Hey Ysabel, you should probably stop sewing and get to school." And then there was Melody was groaning and whining because my noisy sewing machine was bothering her. 

"Get used to it, if you're living with me." I remembered saying. 

"It's not like I chose to!" she grunted and then lazily got up from her bed and walked to her closet. Her closet was nearly empty. All I could see were tube tops, mini skirts, and skimpy-looking halter tops. 

I remembered mumbling "Whatever" and then going back to working on my blouse. "You guys can go with out me, I'll be just a minute."

My "just a minute" turned into fifteen minutes.

Oh, I was going to be late on the first day! Fashionably late, at least, I reassured myself.


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Sorry @luxecouture I didn't get to fit Waverly in!
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