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I was inspired by @istylista's Blake doll to make a doll set! I haven't made one in 4 months! Which is crazy because I used to make them all the time. Anyway I think this Lily and Zac one turned out pretty good :)

what: kids vs. cancer gala
place: chateau marmont, 7pm
attire: black tie
other: suit up for a good cause – the kids vs. cancer fund is holding its annual fundraising gala. alcohol, gowns, gorgeous men. what more could you ask for? and yes, the paparazzi will be out in full force, so be on your best behaviour.

Carter tugged at his tie, glancing over at me. “I hate wearing these,” he said, looking in the mirror. 

I walked up behind him, resting my hands on his hips. “When it’s over you can take it off.” I looked up at him, closing my eyes slightly, giving him my signature seductive look. “Maybe have someone help you take it off…”

“Someone like you?” He smirked.

“Someone exactly like me,” I agreed with a wink. Then we made our way out to the car, where his bodyguard Andy was waiting for us. Andy liked me, I think because he secretly had a huge man-crush on Dad, and so he pretty much kept the paps away from me too. Carter and I were just a power team, and Andy seemed to think that was fine. I suspected Carter’s agent maybe paid him double. 

We arrived to the gala late, which was perfectly fine with Carter and I, but some people gave us a few rude looks like we were supposed to be there early. But everyone who was anyone knew that getting there early was basically selling your soul to the D-List. And Carter and I were pretty much AAA-List. Clearly those people chose to ignore our status, even when the paps about trampled us trying to get in. Andy swore a lot and said he was sorry, but Carter just shrugged. He wasn’t as used to the paps as I was and I think he thought it was sort-of cool. 

It was cool for awhile, and then it got d-mn annoying.

“I need a drink,” I announced as soon as we reached the ballroom where the paps couldn’t reach us-- for now. “Do they have gin?”

“Gin and tonic,” Carter nodded, looking toward the bar. “I’ll be back.” I watched him snake through the crowd, looking so s-xy it was hard for me to look at him and not just want to go back to his place before the fundraiser even began. I had promised Daddy I’d donate more than I did last year, but last year I had been nearly the highest bidder anyway so I didn’t know what his problem was.

Then I spotted Ebony off to the side, covering her face as she talked to that girl Penny. What the h-ll was she doing talking to that freak? I hiked up my dress a bit and marched over, cutting into the conversation. 

"What's going on, lovelies?" I said, shooting Penny a sugar-coated fake smile. Then Ebony’s hands were falling away from her face and she looked like something had seriously gone wrong. I was used to her surgeries, but this one seemed off. "Oh my God, Ebony! What happened to your face?"

Penny nudged me, and I fought the urge to slap the ho. God, what business did she have touching me? As if we lived in the same zip code. I looked back to Ebony. "Your nose...it's like /slanted/." I studied it a bit more, wondering if she had run out of money and gone to some cheap-o place because it looked like a train wreck. I couldn’t have one of my best friends looking like that. Even if the rest of her looked beautiful, that was just not freaking right.
"Shut up, Cat! Ebony looks great!" Penny hissed, putting a hand on Ebony’s shoulder like Penny even really knew Ebony like I did. B-tch. "Really, Ebony, you look beautiful. Now if you will excuse me, I need to look for someone." 
"Well, at least, the bump is gone?" I tried, glad Penny was moved on to lower and stupider things.
Ebony closed her eyes and I prayed to God she wasn’t going to cry. The paps would snap that for sure. "I need to leave. I was stupid to even come here. I can't do this." She started to turn around, but then some random blonde with model-legs and a frog-face came bounding toward us, a huge grin on her face.
"I love your show Ebony's World! I can't believe it's really you. I'm Anasta--,” the random girl was saying until some security and upper crest nobodies pushed her away.
"Who was she?" Ebony asked me, like I would have a clue.
"Think she's a model or stripper or something like that. I have no idea really. Anywho, I need to be somewhere." I shrugged, kissing Ebony on the cheek before I went off to find Carter and my drink. 

I passed by Hadley who was just some weird singer I had never really cared for. I didn’t even know why she was there she always looked hungover and I swear her eyes were going to fall out of her head someday. And then there was Sutton, who was totally irrelevant in my world, but she was toting around a camera like some sort-of crack tourist so I touched her elbow and flashed another award-winning faux grin.

“Hey Cat,” she said hesitantly. “I love your dress.”

“Elie Saab, he’s a family friend,” I told her with a wave of my hand. “Anyway, what’s with the camera? Want to take pictures with all the major celebs before everyone realizes your career went down the toilet?”

Sutton gaped at me, crinkling her brows. “Um, excuse me?”

“Well snap one with me then,” I told her, reaching for the camera. I stuck my face next to her pasty one and grinned widely. I could feel her still gaping at me as I handed her back the camera, smirking. 

“My dad’s not here, but I’m sure he would’ve /loved/ to take pictures with the charity,” I said, walking away, not caring what she tried to say in response. Because there was Winter in front of me, talking to one of the security guards like he was some sort-of SWAT team agent.

“Will you just get him away from me? What the h-ll do I have to do around here to get some respect? That b-stard won’t leave me alone,” she fumed, her eyes flickering back to the paps, where one in particular kept snapping away.

“Honey, you’re not the only one here. They’re taking pictures of all of us. Get used to it,” I told her sweetly, wishing Carter would hurry up. I needed that drink, and stat.

Parker was flanking Winter, trying to get her to calm down a bit. She looked toward me. “Well this guy really won’t stop.”

“Amateurs,” I muttered, turning away from them. Did seriously no one at this freaking party no how to handle Hollywood? It was like everyone was just realizing that fame came with a lot of things other than money. God, people around here were annoying. And Rachel wasn’t even there to agree with me, thanks to her interview with Marie Claire.

“Cat, I saw that interview your dad did with GQ online,” Bria suddenly called to me from a few feet away. “They asked about you and Carter and your dad wouldn’t comment. What’s that all about?”

“Um, how should I know?” I said. “If you’re implying that he disapproves, then you’re wrong. My dad was the one who introduced us, FYI.”

Bria eyed me. “Well, okay. Whatever.”

“Whatever, b-tch,” I whispered. She didn’t hear me, and I smiled, finally at least finding Millie and Jess. 

“Ladies!” I sighed. “Thank God I’ve found you.”

“Where’s Carter?” Jess asked, craning her neck to see through the crowd. 

“He’s supposed to be getting drinks, but he’s disappeared,” I told them, huffing. My dress began to make me sweat, and I shook my head, hoping no one could tell. “And where are Link and Landon?”

“Ugh who knows,” Jess said. “Consider yourself lucky that you didn’t see what I saw today. I mean I guess I should’ve seen it coming but...”

“Okay ew.” I wrinkled my nose. “Landon is hot, but like guy-on-guy is not my cup of tea.”

“Yeah, not mine either.”

“Well, let’s be single then! I think we should,” Millie offered with a mischievous smile. “I mean, can we be single for a night or something? Guy drama is not my forte. Girl drama I’m used to.”

“Remember the Cat Fights?” Jess laughed. “Oh my God, Mill.”

Millie and I laughed. We used to tease the paps and do what we called “Cat Fights” where I would pretend to get all angry at them and really get into my namesake. “‘Cat, stop it, you’re hurting me!’” Millie crowed.

“‘Don’t be such a whiny b-tch! Rawr!’” I cackled, feeling the pills I had slipped on the way there start to hit my bloodstream. 

“Seeing those pictures in the tabloids made my life for awhile,” Jess admitted, shaking her head. “God, where did that even come from anyway?”

“My idea,” I smiled. 

“Of course.”

Millie sighed, figuring she’d better find Link, and then Jess went off to talk to Hannah, who was weirdly missing from Steane. I wasn’t that great of friends with Hannah, but I knew she was sort-of psycho and so was her boy toy. And sure enough, a little scene broke out with Steane and I watched with mild interest as Hannah tried to talk to him.

“Sorry,” a voice said in my ear, tearing my eyes away. “I got stopped by some people from the fund. We took a hundred pictures.”

“Oh, that’s totally good for your image,” I brightened, grabbing the glass from him. “The headlines will read ‘Carter Steadman Is In It For The Cure’ and then there will be such a cutesy little picture of you. Aw, you should’ve found me. I mean, I could’ve been in the headline too.” I pouted.

“Next time,” he smiled. “‘Carter Steadman and Catherine Woodley Are All About Giving For A Cause.’ And then the caption would read ‘Hollywood’s favorite young couple stand (right) with owner of blah blah blah…’”

I giggled. “They’ve started using Cat now instead of Catherine. I think my dad said something about it. Just saying.”

“Well, excuse /me/.” We both laughed again, and at the end of the night, Carter and I together gave a whole 90210 house’s worth of money to the fund, just because we could. Sometimes it was nice being famous and having money to give. Also I think I gave so much because I couldn’t really see the numbers I wrote on the check, my eyes growing hazy as the night draw to a close.

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