yay new york sets! :'D

So yeah as an update I didn't get into the next round of the ABNAs, but that's alright. Publisher's Weekly pretty much told me I don't deserve to breathe, and I cried for a bit but I'm alright now, sending out queries and hoping for the best. :)

I went to europe and it was sort of the best thing that ever happened, and I feel in love with everywhere we went and Bruges is one of my favourite places in the world now and it was so great and I really want to go back and I love (almost XD) everyone that was there with me and UGH it was perfect.

I finished grade 10 (yaaay!) with an 81 average so that's good, and now next year pretty much all my energy's going towards getting into nyu's summer precollege program .

in more recent news I just joined chicktopia. my username on there is dontworrybemaggie and we should be friends yes good.
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