Bow's gone, Jaden's all sad, people are mad, people aren't talking. When did Poly become so depressing? If i want depression, I can just go to school! Geez people, LIGHTEN UP! ~Nikki

@mindlesskae143 Kae Kookie (Kae) Crazy 2braids(Ray) Lil’ MJ (Prod) Afro Puff (Prince) Swagger Son (Roc) 
@mindlessmusicgirl Swaggin Sista’ (Asia) Dancing Queen (Daya) B-ball Gansta (Dyl) King Swagger (Trevie) Lil Miss Diva (Nyla)
@i-smoked-him-cuz-hes-dope Preggo Chica (Chey) 
@crazzii-rojas Cuckoo Chica (TT) Neon Ninja (Chanel)
@mizzygirl143 Drunk budddyyy (Ayana) Starry Sista (Star) 
@charlie-mb Kiwi Kutie (Jai) Cherry Bomb (Tam) Cookie Queen (KK)


Wrote two years ago
@mizzygirl143 You did? Yay!!! Where ws she? ~all

Wrote two years ago
@mindlessmusicgirl He took S.J out on a date tonight, and he was going to tell her something very important, but she stopped answering. She said she was going mobile, so we tried Pming her, but she's just gone. Jaden thinks its his fault though ~Nik

Wrote two years ago
@soulstylist -gasp- WHAT???? WHY THE HELL WOULD SHE DO THAT?? ~Nik

Wrote two years ago
Awwwww me no like all this sadness~Zadie
but we found Ayana so that's something good~Sandy

Wrote two years ago
@soulstylist What!!?!?!?!!? WHY!?!?!? ~Nik

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