Evie {outfit on the left}, Daffie {outfit on the right} - Dressed up for Shia's Birthday
Song In the Set: 
Kylie Minogue - Get Outta My Way
Daffie's {Candice Accola} P.O.V.
[I apologize if Daffie seems a little annoying. She's not the smartest girl lol so I'm trying to find the line between sweet bubbly and mildly stupid xD]
All the music from the party will be on the end of THIS set - I wanted to make sure I had enough room on Shia's set to get all of his story down

Ash wasn't mine. I had a boyfriend - Gabe - but I hadn't seen him in over a month. Most of the school was studying for O.W.L.s - think that's what they're called - and people were crammed in their rooms trying to get ready for them, but I hadn't even seen Gabe in class. Made me feel sort of...neglected. I didn't like feeling that way. I try not to be an attention whoree but when you don't see the boy you've been snogging on and off for a few months you sort of start to worry. Was he just studying those books of his? Was he avoiding me? Did he find me annoying? Or was it...no no, Gabe didn't seem like a boy to cheat on a girl. I just...hope I was right. But being alone in my room so much and seeing Ash distressed like he was, my attention started turning toward him, bringing back certain feelings that I had shoved away. Ash wasn't mine, but I was starting to feel like I wanted him to be.

I had to come to the fact that Ash may not look at me like he would his future girlfriend, and if not that, then I'd have to be okay with just being...friends. Maybe I just had to get over me being all alone at the moment and find another boy and the stronger feelings I had for Ash would disappear. There were plenty of other boys in the castle, but none had really dared to ask me out. I know I'm not the smartest bulb in the tool-shed but I didn't think boys really cared about that sort of things. Wasn't I nice and pretty enough? That's why Dorian Branch dated me, Carter McClarin too. Remy Gryffin had asked me out a while back but that didn't work out too well, for several reasons; for one, he was actually concerned with his school work, and I think he found it a little weird that I dated his cousin first.

Now I was with Gabe and, was I really with him? Was it normal to not even see your boyfriend in class? I tried asking some others if they had seen him but they just shrugged and it confused me. For a second, I assumed he changed his classes. People here did that sometimes, but I figured maybe he'd tell his own girlfriend if that happened. The fact I didn't know what was going on made me feel...stupider than usual. So, I decided to forget that I had a boyfriend on Sunday - I had a birthday party to go to and I wanted to have fun. I was a teenager - teenagers are supposed to have those crazy times that sometimes they don't tell their kids about, I was hoping maybe this would be one of those times, but it was at the Gryffin Manor so...maybe nothing /outrageous/. 

Waking up early, I went to work for a bit at the hotel - being a maid /really really/ sucked but it seemed to be one of the few places that wanted to hire me. I would have loved to work at Honeydukes but it seemed to be more a family joint so I didn't bother. After a few hours I got my paycheck and headed toward one of the dress shops in Hogsmeade where I usually rented anything truly /nice/ that I wore for parties or dances. I had my eyes on a pretty little fushia dress and as I walked there, I hoped so very much that it was still there. Luckily to my heart's content it was - the owner was nice enough to keep it in the back to keep anyone from snagging it - as well as a pair of golden booties. I felt like a princess all dressed up, not some working girl - not a hookerr, like I said I was a maid - but I had to be extra-careful not to get the dress all dirty, or I'd be paying it off for...a while. Might even have to sell my first born child to pay it off - I kid of course but you understand. 

Gen was kind enough to help me paint my nails and her cousin - or second cousin was it? - Nymie did my make up and let me borrow a headband to wear in my hair. No one seemed to really know I wasn't...rich, not that I would tell anyone - I borrowed Gen's clothes most of the time and very few knew that my mom was a single parent, let alone that I had a job as a maid. I was a bit ashamed of it - not my mom though cause dad was a giant a-hole - but the fact that I had to work for money. A lot of the kids at the school seemed to have full wallets, and although most of them didn't brag about it, I could just see the new clothes - some designer - while I had to sift through Gen's closet or go to thrift stores to find cheap enough nice looking clothes. I'm not completely complaining, I still had clothes to wear but it's nice to know you're wearing something that's yours, fresh and clean.

Back to what I was saying. I had got all dressed up for Shia's birthday and was leaving the school when out of the corner of my eye I saw Shia's bright red boots hanging off the side of the Astronomy Tower. If he dropped, he'd be street pizza on the castle stone ground. I hurried as fast as I could toward the headmistress's office but ran straight into Noah. My mouth was moving a mile an second but he understood me somehow and went running toward the tower. I still went searching for the headmistress but I was getting extremely nervous because she was still no where to be seen. So I toughed it out in my heels and ran all the way to the Gryffin Manor, blabbed to all of them and about half of the people in the ballroom went running out. I wanted to be there when he was saved - I couldn't accept the fact that he /could/ die - so I just had to wait in the ballroom for them to all come rushing back in with Shia. Poor guy, one near death experience was enough for one life, he didn't need this second one. 

[more later]
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