[sorry ive been procrastinating this soo much so it's a little latee..]

Adele Valentina stepped out of the car. The sleek white brick building sprawled in front of her. The bell rang, signaling the end of class, and instantly—chaos. A gang of black-leather-wearing dorks zoomed by with their motorcycles, illegal on campus but of course who gave a shit. Wannabe skaters leaned against the building, and a group of preppy redheads with enormous bags sauntered down the front steps. Meanwhile, an old lady with gray hair—probably a teacher—yelled at teenagers to stop this racket.
Yes, this was definitely her school. EWSS.
Adele, at seventeen, had grown up in Chicago with an alcoholic father and sl-t mother, the type of family that you’d brag about at EWSS. Dad had finally gotten rid of alcohol when bam! Adele started. Not just that, she also indulged in drugs, and late-night visits around town. Dad freaked and sent Adele to boarding schools around the country—everywhere but Chicago. 
It was no big deal. Adele was still alive, wasn’t she? 
“Have fun!” Dad said warily from the passenger seat. Adele simply stared at him through her sunglasses as the limo driver rolled up the window and sped away faster than she could tell her father to f u k k off. 
Adele rolled her eyes and started making way towards the front building. Already she could see a group of Coach-clad blondes purchasing Starbucks ahead, and the sight made her want to barf the three Coronas she had earlier that morning. There was nothing she hated more than Coach—and blondes. That’s why she dyed her hair black. 
As she walked up to the entrance, everyone stopped and stared at her with that usual, what is up with /her/ look? 
Adele tried to ignore them, but the more she looked ahead, the more she could feel them watching her. 
“Where’d you come from, the concentration camp for Jews?” one of the guys called. 
Adele kept walking while giving them the finger. 
“Adeleee!!” A familiar voice shrieked. It was Noelle, her younger sister. 
“What.” Adele snapped. 
“Wow. Way to say hi.” Noelle rolled her eyes.
“Hello my darling.” Adele said in a sarcastic sweet tone. “How’s your pot addiction been lately, hunny?”
“Shut. Up.” Noelle widened her eyes threateningly. “Do you know how fast word travels around this school?”
“Obviously I don’t.” Adele sighed. 
“Dad forced you to come, huh?” Noelle looked even a little sympathetic. “So I heard.”
“Whatever.” Adele tossed her glossy black waves, almost hitting her younger sister in the face. “It’s clear that Dad wants to torture me as much as possible, so I’m going to live it up.”
“What are you thinking of doing now?” Noelle raised her eyebrows suspiciously. 
“Oh, you know. The usual.” Adele smiled and started walking faster, more confidently, towards the office. Her dad could throw in Arabia for all she cared, but nobody could stop Adele from stirring up a little drama.

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Wrote 8 years ago
Awe, thanksss. You know you deserve it though [;

Wrote 8 years ago
haha thanks! I loved your comment.XD

Wrote 8 years ago
Holy shittt. That dress is lovely, man! Those studded ankle boots are amazing, and I'd literally kill someone to own that blazer. You have such an amazing sense of style! It's craziness. :]

Wrote 8 years ago
cute, those booties r so fierce!!!



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