It was a fun day. we played tricks on each other all the time. we wanted to sneak over to enss, but we got caught. my fave holiday. but phillip called me and said he was breaking up with me. i was really upset, then he said april fools and i laughed. lol. he my home boy! :D.
Think of the firsst thing in your head when you see the word!
1. . I need a cigarette: yah right. loser
2. Sex: adults only
3. Relationships: 50% of marrages end in a divorce
4. Your Last Ex: still not over
5. Power: puff girlies
6. Marijuana: health class
7. Crack: loser
8. Food: yum in my tum
9. This President: YOBAMA!
10. War: pointless
11. Cars: gas
12. Gas Prices: used to be high
13. Halloween: CANDY!
14. Bon Jovi: bono (i have NO clue y)
15. Religion: christmas
16. MySpace: sluttty
17. Worst fear: annoying
18. Marriage: like i said before, 50%+ of marriges end up in divorce
19. Fashion: love
20. Brunettes: gorgeous and AWESOME!
21. Redheads: under estimated
22: Work: oh joy!
23: Pass the time: homework
24: Football: a man getting hurt
25: One night Stands: night stands! :P
26: Pixie Stix: - suggah
27: Vanilla Ice: ritas
29: Porta Potties: poopa potties
30: High school: homework
31: Pajamas: comfy
32. Wood: house
33. Surfers: beach
34. Pictures: memories
35. First Love: oh joy!
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