I sat across from Diana at the cute little table. We had been talking for a while. I could tell we were getting closer...bonding over our guy troubles nonetheless. 
She was telling me about her mystery guy, that she wanted so badly. I enjoyed giving her my support and advice...I should have known she would question mine though..
I gave a deep sigh, because i was not sure where i was. 
"Diana i don't know where i am." I thought of Drew, with his amazing little smirk he always gives me. " Like i cannot imagine myself hooking up with anyone else, but you know me, and you know i'm crazy. i mean hell, i know i am crazy. No matter how bad i want him, I just cannot hurt him like that. I am going to end up cheating on him or something. And i just can't do it." I started to get emotional. 
Diana grabbed my hand from across the table. I looked up and she gave me an understanding smile. 
"We'll get through it together sweetie." She replied..
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