"passports, ladies!" said the checker. I flew out my louis vuitton passport case and he stamped it. 
"eek! I am so excited!" i yelled to all of the ewss girls. "this is going to be the best trip EVER!" 
"ah-greed!" nodded adele. We all boarded the plane to paris. it was first class, baby. and get this. ewss girls were the only ones first class! so we were all surrounded by friends. it was a blast. me, adele, diana, and sofia were all taking weird pictures in my apple laptop. every few hours i got a message from phillip asking how i was. it was always the same response: fine. i just wanted to spend some time with my friends. 
"Nel! Simone! I forgot to say. happy birthday!" I yelled across the room. they both smiled and got back to what they were doing. then, a man with a cake walked out. the cake was from me, and it said: happy birthday girls! well, it wasnt only from me. it was from the rest of the ewss girls. the rest of the ride i was either sleeping, chatting, or texting phillip. it was SOOO much fun. but then i thought, if this was fun, then what will paris be like?!
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