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Caroline Haynst
Age: 17 
Grade: year3
Some think Caroline was a nerd who takes no stock in things like the secret expeditions to the attic for example. She is capable, success-oriented, and likes it with a matter of course that no one else shows but her to learn with enthusiasm and drive. 
Despite all this, but she is not unpopular: By her harmony seeking, love for sailing and friendly manner she has many friends. Also she is always a helping hand if needed and a good listener if someone has a problem. 

By the way, my model is Josefin Hedstrom. However, I have doubts the girl in the picture is her... she looks like Caroline anyways... :)

Five Facts about Caroline:
- Caroline adores sailing. She loves this ‘sailing feeling’ one has while sailing through the wind.
- Caroline is normally a very good girl and would never dare to do anything forbidden but if there is a secret she hardly cannot resist especially when Hiromi is excited about it, too. 
- Caroline likes everybody at school as she can see always the good in a person. The only exception is Mai-Ling, the probably most spoiled brat in the world!
- Her best friend is Hiromi and together they experienced a lot adventures and ‘fighted’ against Mai-Ling.
Caroline's Subjects:
 Main Subject: Sport
- Sailing
- Horse-Riding
- Ballet
- Interior and Fashion Design
- Standard Dances


 - Why do you want to attend to St. George?
I love learning, old buildings, the sea and costal areas, sailing, libraries and everything else the St. George Academy can offer me – so it is the perfect place for me.

 - What have you been doing in your past?
I lived with my parents in Ireland in a big house in a rather small town. I never had any real friends – not in my class and not in my town, so I only had my dog, cats, sheep and books. When it was time to choose my further education my parents sent me to St. George knowing it would be the best for me – and they are right! The best years in my life where the last two, here at the St. George!

 - Do you have what it takes? How can you be sure? Will you obey all the rules for sure?
I think and hope so. Learning and being ambitious are my strengths. Of course I will obey all the rules. They are made therefore and I am not willed to get detentions or worse! 
 - What do you expect from our school?
Getting a wonderful education and finding great friends! 

Question for the moderators:
 - Why do you want to play in this roleplay?
Because it is mine and I would simply love to step into the St. George World

 - Can you honestly be active, true to your characters and obey our rules?
Yes! I would be a very bad moderator if I would not...

 - Why shall we take you for this roleplay?
Stupid question.. ;)

 - Have you ever had any experiences with preparation/Academy schools like our St. George? If not, what do you expect?
No, I never had in real life so far. I expect a lot! ;) …like writing wonderful stories, reading wonderful stories and have a wonderful time… :)

This is basically all you need to do. If you want to write a (little) story (just think for an event if you need to), list more facts or what ever comes to your mind - just do it! We appreciate it a lot. And it will enhance your chances of getting the character…

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