Volumnia's party.

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Ina and I were so close and we had been apart for so long it was hard. But we had a plan we are going to take Moscow by storm and then go to Rio, just the two of us. I loved that plan. I had arranged for a huge party for my new collection at Terem Palace, every detail was taken care of perfectly by me and a whole army of party planers as I got off the plane on the private airport. I saw Ina running up to meet me, I grinned widely and hugged her as tight as possible “Baby, you have no idea how much I missed you!" She squealed and I smiles widely as I pulled her on my arm's length, "And I you!" I said laughing and hugged her again, "This is going to be so much fun!" We jump in her vintage Ferrari and drive to the mansion as we try to catch up on everything. "So, Volumnia's anniversary tonight." I say, looking at her "Hmm, what are you thinking?" she said bitting her lip, lowering her Tom Ford glasses to look at me.
“I was actually not thinking about anything in particular" I lied smoothly, or so i thought, her raised eyebrow threw me off the loop. "Sylvanne i would like to remind you that i know you like you were my twin, so dont try to lie!" she winked at me, i laughed and tossed my hair back. "No i was just thinking how weird this whole anniversary thing is, i was with Volumnia on Bavaria for the ball and she didn't seem that fond of this Darien person" i said and shrugged. Ina's eyes diverted from the road for a second and she looked at me. "You might be right, but i honestly dont think it matters anyway" she said, frowning for a second when a black SUV came a little too close to her precious Ferrari... "this is not looking good" she muttered under her breath, she speed up, leaving the SUV behind us, i would lie if i said i wasn't a little scared, but Ina was there and she always had a plan. "Was that..?" i trailed off, she nodded. "Im sorry Vanne" she said, I shook my head "No, and dont even think for a second about shutting me out" i said and she grinned. "So this is your city, what is our plan? is your family home?" i asked and she smiled brightly. "Yes! mom is so excited that you are going to visit and some diamonds are expecting you in the mansion, dad wanted you to be the first one to look at some amazing pink diamonds and sapphires he just got" she grinned

I clapped my hands like a little child waiting to get candy. I guess diamonds were actually our candy. "So the plan..."she said looking into the rear mirror and trailing off, I snapped my fingers infront of her after a minute of her staring at the road. "Are you ok, Ina?" I asked reaching to lay my hand on her shoulder and she quickly nodds. "So the plan - Mom and dad can't have lunch with us since they have some kind of thing, we'll have brunch with them tomorrow, they are just waiting to see you and they are out of door. So I was thinking we could have few cocktails, maybe get sushi and then get ready and go to that Volumnia's thing and then meet some of my friends and go to the party! Russians throw the craziest parties and I have really hot friends!" She winked at me and I smiled flipping my hair. "Oh good! I missed this so much!" I say excitedly as she parks in front of the Sodorova family mansion. Sergei, the head of security is there and he greets us with with a nod and a warm smile. Few seconds after the huge double main door open and Olga and Vladimir walk out with huge smiles on their faces. "Vanne, my girl!" Olga says in thick russian accent and hugs me tightly. Vladimir kisses my cheek and I smile, Ina’s family and mine were so close and it was amazing. We chat for few minutes and then they leave so that they wouldn't be late for some important political dinner in St. Petersburg.

"I could get used to this..." i grinned sipping on a very strong white russian, Ina had laughed at my cocktail choice but it was appropriate. Ina looked at me and laughed. "We are luckily used to this" I nodded and sinked further into the most comfortable couch, it was some speacial thing Mr Sidrova had made speacially for this bar, and it was glorious. "You mother has the most gorgeous puppies" i laughed while a furry dog was trying hard to get on the couch. "well they are, they do get annoying after a while" she said smirking and sticking her tongue out at the furry thing. "Enough dogs lets get ready to party, lets meet back here in what 2hours?" she smiled. I nodded and went the rooms, i got a room in the east wing of the house, and it was gorgeous, everything was so russian i was in love with Ina's house. I chose something simple, nothing too flashy, but it was very me. I let my hair fall in simple waves and ignored my phone when Charles's face showed up in my screen. I was walking downstairs, when the phone rang again. I frowned. "You will fall from the stairs if you are not carefull Miss Schouler" Sergei warned with an amused expression. "Sergei are you able to kill people?" i asked glaring at my phone. "Not legally" he half smiled. "Yeah just what i thought" i mumbled. "Are you ready dear?" Ina said, walking into the foyer looking ravishing. "As ready as i'll ever be dearest!" I grinned.

"Oh, you look so gorgeous!" She said as I twirled around. "So do you, love!" I added, she did, we both looked amazing "Shall we go, Sergei everything ready?" She asked, looked at him and he nodded, "The limo is ready, ma'am." He said, In the limo we popped a bottle of pink champagne and continued with catching up. "SO?" I looked at her suggestively, obviously ready for some more serious talk. "Hm, ok, I owe you." she said, glancing at her flute and taking another sip before continuing. "You know that Christian is supposed to steal Van Gogh from MET..." she started and I shrugged, nodding. "Well, he still didn't do it and his, hmmm... client... is getting impatient and I'm really scared Vanne." She said quietly, I moved closer to her and hugged her. "I'm so sorry, honey!" I cry out, patting her hair softly, "Ina, tell me, how do you know all this? Don't you dare to put yourself in danger!" I say, almost threatening her. "Oh, no. It's fine." she breaths out as she runs her fingers through her hair, "I got a middle man, who's got a middle man... it's fine. No one can track it back to me. Christian and I aren't communicating." She said looking like she was about to burst into tears. "It will be over soon baby." I sa quietly. "He's going through a lot! But he is strong and I hope he'll do the job soon." She adds taking another sip of bubbly. "Ok, no subject like this anymore for tonight. What's up with you baby?" she asked

"So much! i have Charles right where i want him! there is something i wont tolerate, and that's cheating, and he did, badly" i said and frowned. "Right where you want him? how so?" Ina asked amused. "Well, his father is really looking forward to our wedding, it will open some sort of window from him in the international market, he is trying to get me to marry him, but its set in stone, i wont" I shrugged. Ina hugged me tightly and smiled brightly. "I really wanted to hear that!!!" she sighed. "Ok so now you have choices" she winked at me, i blushed slightly but smirked "And trust me when i say this, being able to choose is so much better" she said, wiggling her eyebrows in the most suggestive way, i giggled and shook my head. "Who are we going to meet tonight anyway?" i asked her, cheking my phone, i smiled when i saw Damian had texted a funny picture of a cute kitten, i rolled my eyes and shoved the phone back in my clutch. "Who is texting you so much!!!?" Ina asked, a little irritated. I smiled at her. "Its just Damian texting pictures of animals doing funny things" I rolled my eyes. "Well there are some friends i have here, and they are super fun, so i thought a fun night out should be the best thing for us at the moment, since we need to catch up and all, this way we can!" she smiled.

"Oh, I love Moscow so much." I looked out of the limo window as I finished my glass of champagne and she leaned in to pour me another. "I know. It's like a dream." she smiled as she look at the streets of city she grew up in. "Who are these friends of yours?" I asked bitting my lips as I examine her face, "Old crew, young crew?" "Oh, youngsters." I smile, "Our age. They were something like my posse when I lived here. There's Anja, she's a model, Katya is journalist, Fredrick is a German fashion designer stationed here, there's Vanja, he's just hot and incredibly rich spoiled brat, he does nothing in life and I mean nothing, his dad is Russian prime minister, but he's funny as heck. Fun crew overall, they will probably bring some other people too. They insisted on seeing me and meeting you so there you go!" she says and smirks at me, im terribly excited since I haven’t been out to a real club to let go in ages and somehow I knew this was perfect for just let go for a while "So few laps around Volumnia's party and then we're off." I add as the driver pulls over in front of Volumnia's big house.

"I really want to produce a new Broadway show, well not a new one, but Grease again, i miss that show so much" I said looking at Ina, from the corner of my eye i could see the immensity of Volumnia's guest crumbling to the pressure of such a party. "I think that is a great idea, who are you thinking for cast? i want to see the call backs" Ina smiled. We had already congratulated the happy couple, we were perfectly ok to leave. "You will babe, lest go now, im not bored, but i really want to meet your friends" i said and smiled. She nodded enthusiastically and we headed for the door, picking up or coats, outside, the limo was expecting us as instructed. We sipped more Crystal until the limo stopped infront a weird looking warehouse. "What is this?" i smiled "Trust me, you have never been to a more exclusive club if you havent been to this one" She smirked, her eyes sparkling with mischief. "But what is this place?" I asked getting out of the limo, "Its a special club, it changes locations everytime there is a party and you only get a text with the address"

"Oh, I love that!" I gushed and she wrapped her arm around my waist as we walked over huge security guys who nodded at us politely. Tall, hot guy in blue jeans and white shirt rushed through the crowd towards us and stood in front of Ina looking at her with his eyes unnaturally widened, as if he was scared of something, or intimidated by Ina "Regina Sidrova, we had no idea you're coming in tonight!" He said. Ina looked a little lost and I had to suppress my laughter since it was possible that she had no idea who this guy was "It's Danil, it looks like you can't remember me." He grinned and I giggled squeezing her hand. "Yes, sure, Danil. Well, I didn't know I was coming, we'll be joining Vanja and the crew." she said picking up a vodka glass off the trey of girl dressed in hardly anything. "If I knew you were coming, we would prepare something special." Danil said as he led us through the crowd, everyone got out of our way and started at us. "No need, it's all good." She smiled at him and he led us in front of the huge golden door. He produced two golden keys out of the pocket of his jeans and handed them to us. "Your party is in the golden VIP room, anything you need, and I mean anything, just call me." Danil winked at us and left. It was like she owned the room, it was amazing to feel like this, it happened to me too in Germany that’s how you tell who really is important. But this underground club thing was something new "This is so cool!" I said popping my key in the lock and unlocked the door. We entered the room and Ina smiled super wide looking at a gorgeous crowd, they rushed toward us and was buried in their hugs. There was Katya, Anya and Fredrick and some other people I would be introduced to later probably. I took a flute of dom out of someone’s tray and smiled at a shirtless guy who happened to be around. “Im very sorry to bother, but have you seen a red Ungaro shirt?” he asked with a thick accent. “Im very sorry but no” I said shrugging off my coat.
I could already see this night being somehow different. Ina introduced me to her amazing friends, they were such a great crowd.
“Hey, Sylvanne, why don’t you keep James here some company, he is new to town” Vanja smirked sneaking a hand around Ina’s waist that smirked and winked in my direction heading to the bar. “James? I suppose?” I looked up to see a gorgeous guy with black hair and electric blue eyes. “You bet” he said smiling, sinking into the couch. “So, what do you do James?” I said with a smile. “I work with really rich people” he said and I rolled my eyes. “Mysterious aren’t we?” I smiled, glancing at the phone that just lit up. Charles’s face smiled again and I groaned tossing the phone back into the golden clutch. “No, just precautious, you are Sylvanne Schouler?” he asked and I nodded, “Nice to meet you” I said, looking at him. He tipped an imaginary hat and stared at me for a few seconds, “I know your fiancé” he said and I raised my eyebrows with a smile, this just got really interesting. ”Really? and could I ask how do you know Charles?” “like I said, I work with very rich people” he said sounding important, I rolled my eyes and looked for Ina across the room. “Regina left, with Vanja a few minutes ago, I can escort you home if you’d like” he said. “No, no its fine, Im not going home yet, but you don’t have to” I said, I still wasn’t quite sure how I felt with James around. “Moscow is not a safe city for you, Charles Friedman doesn’t have many friends in this part of the world” he said. I looked at him, he was playing with my head possibly. “Who are you? And how do you know all this?” I asked serious. “Im sorry but I have been assigned to you somehow, I cant explain much here, but you should not fear me, im an agent of the government of the United States” he said and I looked at him, right now all this was sounding crazy and non sense. “That is right, you are sounding crazy, im going back to the mansion then, don’t worry about escorting me I’ll ask, Danil for a towncar, it was interesting meeting you” I said to James, not really looking back at him, I knew Charles had his business that I didn’t know of but this whole round of information really had to sink in, I texted Ina, giving her an idea of everything and how I would be waiting for her tomorrow. I guess the night did took a weird turn of events
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