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After getting back to the Villa I talked to Sany and Sony and they were happy to have dinner in Rome, and I promised tomorrow we would go anywhere they wanted, Sanna stared at me, probably wanting to ask, if she could also go to the club with us, I actually would have said no, but only because I had a lot to deal with Lucas and they shouldn’t see that, besides, watching Ina and Christian going down and dirty in the dance floor was something they could live without. “ So are you going to forgive him?” Sanna asked, looking at me, I noticed she had almost the same shade of blue in her eyes as I had, “Of course I am, he is my friend” I said and she shook her head. “Syl im not a kid anymore, im fully aware of everything going on here, and I just want you to say that me, and mom, support your decision, whatever that might be” she smiled, kissing my cheek. “Now, go and finish getting ready, I’ll have Sony ready and we can have fun in the hotel, room service and Disney movies!” she smiled, “Can I stay with you two?” I asked and she shook her head smiling. She was actually too smart for her own good. “I love you Sanny, I really, really do baby girl” I said hugging her before going to my own room, to start getting ready. 
Somehow later I was ready, and a soft knock made me turn to the door, “Its open” I said, it was probably Ina, or Sanny. “Hey, do you…” Lucas said walking into the room, I was wearing a YSL short black dress that Ina was probably going to be very proud of, I smirked at his face, he had no idea where to look and I cleared my throat when his eyes never left my legs. “Yeah, sorry, I was wondering if you could talk?” he said a little embarrassed. I nodded and he shut the door, I sat on my bed, and he sat down next to me, truth was I had missed Lucas over the past year, and it was killing me to act like a to him. “I don’t know how to start, im sorry I never told you who I was” he said, he was wearing a Ralph Lauren button down that was making wonders to his chest “Its why I don’t understand Lord Stockworth” I said. He looked at me waiting for a playful grin, but my face was cold as ice. “You don’t have to be like this Vanne, but, I didn’t want anyone to know I was trying to make a name for myself, sometimes being Lord or whatever made things really impossible, people treating me different and such” he said, I looked at him “You could have told me, I don’t think me of all people would have treated you differently” I said, “You know how I hate lies” I added, he looked at me and smiled “I was supposed to tell you on this trip, but I got issues in England that I couldn’t get out off, and when I told your father, Sany and Sony were there with him” he said, I ran a hand through my hair, “I accept your apology and im trying to understand why you did it, but things are just not going to be the same, you have to ear that” I said, He smiled and stood up, “Don’t worry I have a plan to make everything up to you” 
We.were all down in the living room having a pre-dinner glass of wine. "Were you cold and ruthless?" Ina glanced at me, drinking the pinot grigio. "Hm, no, but I was deadly sarcastic." I said and smiled at her "Oh, damn, tonight we are partying Vanne! I want you to make the best of this and I promise you, if you bare with me through this idea and then, after this trip, you can still say that you want to marry Charles I will leave it. Ok?" I scowled at her with a look, but it never leaves my mind the fact that I could actually fall in love with someone. "Listen, if Charles was the right one he would be here in this marvelous Italian villa with us, not Lucas! He would be the one to follow you to Dubai, not Damian!" she said a little too loud, Christian,being a complete life saver, was actually distracting Lucas and shot her a look she smiled and wrapped her arms around me, "Just want you to be happy babe." She whispered "Shall we?" Lucas asked with a smirk as he suggests to the door. She nods and walks with Christian.
At the club we were in the VIP lounge, Ina and Christian, went straight to the dance floor, I chuckled and walked down to the main bar, I had little idea where Lucas was, but when I was in bars or clubs, I really liked to just hang around people that didn’t know who I was. “Ciao bella” a college looking Italian said next to me, I smiled at him and nodded. “What’s your name?” he asked in a thick accent. “Vanessa” I smiled seductively, Ina might be right, im a tease. “Im Gino” he said and I laughed, “Bye Gino” I smiled, walking back to the lounge, were Lucas was looking pissed at something. “Why are you all scowls?” I asked drowning the champagne and filling it up again, just to toss it back as fast. “Where you having fun with that guy?” he asked glaring at where I was. “Why do you care?” I said now glaring at him. “You have any idea… its dangerous” he said. I rolled my eyes, “Don’t give me that crap, tell me exactly why are you mad, I know when you lie, well I thought I did” I said standing up right in front of him. “Its dangerous, people might, something could happen to you!” he said, moving away from me. “I don’t get why you said, you were going to try and make things better but it sure as he.ll doesn’t seem like it” I said and stormed off the lounge, heading for the exit.
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Wrote 4 years ago
(Omggg, what happened next?! I LOVE this!) Dear, dear... you looked lovely my dear and Lord was just hm, jealous! love you, Ina



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