2014/04/16 Hey guys! i am still jet lag from super busy week so sorry not good to give you favor but after this set is my fully back(i think) just waiting a bit more keke!
Here my set for hello party with EXO@Saitama Super Arena ,Tokyo 3 days in a row fans in total 100,000 tickets one of a very big event after big east (Tohoshinki) since i have joined.

what can i supposed to say,i am overwhelmed till now i sure you got me how i feel O_O
i joined for Apr,12-13 but my friend @stephaniee90 and the gang joined for 3 days
my spot is the middle kinda best view to enjoying my boy(s) Kai just slow motion came in font of me and dance/wave/cutie around>>awwwww:)

Everything gone smooth for the boys and fans
one thing that absolutely touch my heart one of the best from EXO that i heard from them was they're saying this event is their best since they ever have had,don't worried guys no pushing,clam and kawaii lol..
especially Sehun best known for i don't care/cool/brat behave,but he seriously cried like a baby and bow with head touch the ground(so you guy can watch on youtube i am lazy to find vid this time)

It was Sehun's birthday on Apr,12 the party prepared surprised for him at that day i have seen Sehun cried a lot all of them look cheerful,happy just like these pics in my set.
the party had including Q&A,play games,mini concert i thought this fan meeting was an actual concert nope its too much too good than SM Town con,i really love it.

The most cheesy member for me for this event is $uho i can't find him as leader he like "hey i'm free just spending time for my vacation" and jerk than before and HunHan still alive they holding hand each other,Yixing also spoke a lot Jap's words even though not related to the party like wasabi,sushi,oishi mostly related to food? haha<3
and i think Baek has the best Jap's accent.
Kai he did spoke what he want and cute at the end when he forgot his line.
meanwhile i still thinking Jap's girls do like Luhan the most? just only my gang 8/10 are Luhan's fans,surround us also Luhan's fans.

I'm so happy to joined this event esp for day 13(last day) i have seen Sehun/Kai/$uho/Lay/Yeol of course Cry baby Tao(he cried for all event lol)
and the fans saying to the boys "Arigatou to coming to Japan and gives us happiness" we sang this to them 

Last but not less my boy Kai is the best,he's cute,sexy,hot,caring all in one kyaaaaaa my feel
i love him i love exo lol..

Just look at the atmosphere i'm sure you can touch it how happy for both exo and fans.

P.S i spent time to make this set over 2 hrs.too hard set !
and i will share more my personal pics that i was taken in another set.

Continue to "overdose" soon.
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