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our ocean is so pretty haha <33

i'm so tired but really happy from last night in vancouver, watching my boys live is probably one of the best things that's really ever happened to me. the concert ended up starting later than planned bc no one could get in for some reason [since i showed for the line quite late tbh i don't know why the line was moving so slowly] and the floor level was f*cking packed. PACKED. 

my best friend nearly fainted bc seeing chanyeol was too much for her poor heart haha <33

i was on the side levels [kinda moved closer than my tickets said bc there were a couple empty seats] and the view was actually decent. chanyeol's hair was this weird strawberry blonde colour and he was talking about how lovely canada was [thanks pcy]. baekhyun started the concert with no part and ended up with a middle part. joonmyeon's english was hilarious, during the end portion, baek tried to talk over him, and jm's like, 'don't cut me, don't intercept me.' i died laughing omg. jongin ended up apologizing for his absence at the dallas concert, which is like ?????? why ?? it's not even his fault he couldn't make it to dallas, poor baby doesn't need to apologize for anything. speaking of jongin, his dancing is one billion times more beautiful when you witness it live. not even videos can capture how amazing his movement is omg <33 and vocal line sound like absolute angels in lives too <33 

i don't think i'll ever get over breathing the same air as exo. until yixing is present too at least. 

anyway, though i was ecstatic to see exo live, the mosh pit fans were out of control. a bunch of fans fainted or got injured or something, and the police showed up too, it was just so embarrassing to watch happen. baek got super angry about the fans being rough and pushing everyone forward and i think someone screamed, 'look what you've done, he [baek] never gets mad !!' it just made us all look bad and i'm severely disappointed in the canadian fans bc canadians are always really respectful to one another. chanyeol did this thing to the mosh pit where he said 'when i one step, you say back.' it was so embarrassing to witness ugh ^^; 

though at the end joonmyeon promised they'd be back soon to canada, and vancouver with yixing so i will be expecting that. aHEM. 

this set is also for round one of the battle of the kpop group haha; 

group name [ x ] + 1O pts [right bottom corner]
picture of group [ x ] + 1O pts [right top corner; ot11 but more like ot12 with yifan photoshopped out] 
*bonus* lyrics from group [ x ] + 5 pts [tell me what is love] 
description ;
when you got into your group [ x ] + 1O pts
favorite song by group [ x ] + 1O pts
*bonus* how you got into group [ x ] + 5 pts

exo and i go way back, to about late 2k11, where i was feeling really out of kpop. i heard about sm debuting a new boy band, and about the concept of one sub-unit performing in mandarin and the other, obviously in korean. the mandarin aspect to the group drew me in [since i'm of chinese descent] and got me to stay with the boys. i wouldn't say i was fully interested in them until what is love came out in early 2k12. that song is insanely beautiful and chenhan [!! not baeksoo] vocals blew me away, and i knew at that moment those twelve boys would become very precious to me. and to this day, i stay stanning the boys. 

my favorite songs are obviously moonlight and tell me what is love c: <33

total ; 5O out of 5O 

#botkpg @astroed 
the exo squad ;

have a good weekend to everyone as well~ c:

#winter2016 #casualstyle #bomberjacket
#backpack #mcm #acnestudios #combatboots
#chanyeol #exo @polyvore @polyvore-editorial
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Gorgeous! xo, LVR

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im crying here in jakarta for exo luxion's concert tonight😭, it's kinda far away from jkt tbh. Im happy you did enjoy the concert! What a cool and fab style, amazing look!❤️





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