The first song I heard by EXO was History. To the specific, I was watching their dance practice video because it came up on my recommendations list and I had nothing to do.

So I'm just chilling, not expecting much and then...


My expression went from 

So obviously, it caught my attention.

The second song I heard was MAMA.

My expectations were "mama, just let me be your lover, wow, fantastic baby" or something of the sort. you know?

But I hear some man talking about a different world where there's two other different worlds with EXO on it and they're coming to Earth or something.

I mean, so far it's still okay. Got some creepy man talking, but it's okay. Kind of a cool, different concept. Dialogue is always cool.

But then BAM AGAIN.

There are a mob of guys wearing hooded cloaks looking like they're gonna kill me or something!

And the song sounds like they're summoning their leader to kill me or something!

I just felt really threatened.

I do like History. I just get a little on edge when I listen to MAMA. 

Hehe....their pants...

But anyways, I told myself I couldn't start getting interested in EXO. There are just too many members. It took me more than a year to learning Super Junior names, you think I even have a chance with EXO?

But their pants... xD
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