conspiracy by paramore
once upon a wonderland


Name: Aria Murphy
Age: 19
Likes: Mystery novels, tea, sleeping under trees, thinking, pastel colors, playing with her wardrobe, taking long walks, finding new things, meeting new people, talking to herself, her sister
Dislikes: Staying up late, being disoriented, rude people, the fact that she didn’t graduate, her parents, staying in one place for too long, the cold, being unhappy 
Bio: Aria it seems, is always walking around in a daze. She never knows exactly where she is or where she’s going. Aria is the epitome of Alice from Alice in Wonderland. She’s a pure blonde and because of her physical appearance, is always attracting the opposite sex. But she pays no attention; Aria would rather be out taking long walks than hooking up with some boy. Her parents are very strict and think something is incredibly wrong with Aria. They’ve put her on hundreds of medication, making her even more confused. We’re starting to wonder if Aria even knows who she is herself. 
Relationship status: Single
Fairytale character: Alice, Alice In Wonderland
List your five other fairytale character choices/Models: 
Snow White ( Troian Bellisario ) 
Belle ( Zooey Deschanel )
Ariel ( Danneel Ackles )
Cinderella ( Elizabeth Olsen )
Rapunzel ( Taylor Momsen )
Model: Taylor Swift


I pushed open the wooden screen door and cringed as it slapped the frame. The wind blew it o p e n and c l o s e d a few more times before it settled. I continued straight, not going in one particular direction so much as I was just wandering. I came to realize that I did that a lot. 

"Ari-a-a-a-a," My mother screeched before I could get too far past the trees. This was always a fear of hers; that I would be walking for hours on end without a thought in my mind and end up lost in the woods. For a moment, I considered ignoring her call and doing what I wanted. 

But a tiny voice popped into my head and told me to turn around. I stood completely still, though, barely moving at all. A muscle twitched above my lip but I resisted the urge to itch it. 

Before I could turn back towards home, something flashed before my eyes. Something strange, yet...


Images of a picturesque place popped in front of my eyes. A white rabbit clutching a pocket watch,

A tiny green caterpillar smoking a hoopah,

These images flashed before my eyes, almost like a movie on a projector screen. I squeezed my eyes shut for a moment too long and suddenly felt something cold and metallic in my hand. When I opened my eyes finally, the rabbit's pocket watch was in my hands clear as day. The chain slipped through my fingers and I caught it before it could fall to the ground.

I was confused.

Where did this come from? 
And how did I get it?
And what in the hell was happening to me?

"Ari-a-a-a-a," My mother's shrill voice called again. I walked mindlessly towards the house, my glassy blue eyes staring out into the nothingness. They stared straight ahead, as my mind wandered in circles. I wasn't here right now.

I was back in 'Wonderland', sleeping under a huge pink flower, tiny water droplets easily hitting my face. I wasn't anywhere in Benton Hollow, no. I was elsewhere, something better, somewhere more magical. 

"Aria," My mother barked. "Where did you get that?" She ripped the pocket watch from my hand, trekking back into the house and burying it away where I would never find it. "It's time for supper, go clean up."

I wasn't paying any attention. All I could pay attention to was the golden key tied around her neck,

s w i n g i n g 

easily back and forth before settling on her breast. I eyed it carefully, studying the teeth and figuring just which lock was its mate. "Aria," it seemed as if that was the only word my mother said these days.

"Yes?" The first words I had uttered nearly all day. "Oh, yes, right. Supper." I said quickly, turning on my heel and climbing the stairs to my dungeon. My parents had accumulated enough money over the years to buy the grandest house in Benton Hollow and I, the only daughter, had been stored away high in the tower.

Climbing the stairs, I took my time. 


Finally I reached the top and lifted the rusty handle to my bedroom. The books lining the walls caught my attention for a moment before I focused on the task at hand. I skipped off to the bathroom, washing my face and re-applying my lipstick. A bright pink coat lined my lips. I decided to change my clothes as well.

Pulling open my closet, I had only a few choices. As much as I loved clothes, my parents thought otherwise. What they didn't know is that I had a secret door in the back of my closet that hid hundreds of pairs of shoes and jewelry and several soft sweaters. 

Slipping on a pink cashmere sweater, I heard my father's booming voice. Three knocks at the door startled me. "Aria, time for supper. Come quickly," he commanded and shut the door behind him. 

So, like everyday, I finished dressing and tucked a strand behind my ear and opened the heavy door and began to walk down the cement steps. My life was ultimately controlled by my parents' cruel thoughts and even now, there was no escape. I didn't think there ever would be...


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