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Stella Bancroft // TIG

SUNDAY, JAN 19 Yale is hosting a fashion show and has asked the fashionable ladies from other Ivy's to participate as well. The theme is 'Go Green', so put on your best green gown and own the runway. The money raised at this event will go to the WWF
"Zip me up." I requested quietly, fiddling with the large aquamarine cocktail ring resting on my slim finger. I focused in on its beautiful craftsmanship. I was excited to walk down the runway with it and my simple yet stunning green Dior gown. It might not have been as haute couture as others, but it was very me. Classic, refined, elegant. 

"With pleasure," Chuck responded, hands eager to assist, gliding up the smooth satin which covered my figure. It fit like a glove and Chuck was quick to notice.

I had spent a lot of time stuck with his company, thanks to a strange coincidence placing him in New Haven for the weekend. Something about a consulting job with his old lawyer friend, I wasn't completely sure. This specific occasion had left me slightly astounded. First, it was a morning call which is rare and normally unappealing. Did Chuck Spencer really not have any other girls to have over? A frisky blonde from the hotel bar? A svelte secretary? I aim to please all fantasies but with Chuck, well, he never had any. Most men make me slip on plaid skirts and pretend to be the hot-for-teacher student or call me a different name, usually their ex-girlfriend, even ask me to impersonate a celebrity. But with Chuck he simply wants Stella Bancroft and that's the only person I can't give him. He stares into my eyes for the entirety of the hour and forty five minutes. He kisses down my neck and traces shapes with his fingertips over my arm. It's uncomfortable - the girlfriend experience. It's not what I had in mind and it makes me cringe to think about it for too long. I can't look him in the eye, I can't listen to his busy day, I can't care for him. I don't even think I want to. 

His hands rubbed down on my shoulders and his lips grazed the tip of my ear.

"Don't," I whispered. "Please, I have to go now."

He took a step back. I could tell he was hurt. Men always have this flash of sensitivity cross their face before hardening into a stoic indifference. "The money is in the envelope next to your purse."

I slipped on my trench coat, walking over to the side table. I stuffed the money into my purse. I didn't like to count in front of clients. I leaned against the table to fix my heel, feeling Chuck's stare bore into me, aimed precisely at my chest which was falling out, exposed by a few missed buttons. He caught my eyes and then glanced at the floor.

"I'll call you, Stella."

I nodded, quickly doing all of the buttons, purse shoved under my arm. "I know you will. Goodbye Chuck." 


I made it to the show perfectly on time, slipping into the hair and makeup station without anyone really noticing I didn't partake in any Ivy Girl pre-gaming. The other girls buzzed around. Some were fully clothed, others were running around backstage topless and begging someone to zip them up. I suppose the nude look really caught on, namely with Gigi Bartlett. And people thought I looked like a lady of the night. 

"Look at you." I gushed. "So stunning. You must be pretty confident." 

Gigi laughed lightly. "What can I say? I'm a sucker for a little surprise ending. It is my school after all, I have to show off a little."

I chuckled, dabbing the large fluffy brush into the blush mindlessly while a hair stylist rushed to tame my messy curls. "Of course, maybe for that cute boy from one of your classes sitting in the audience. But you should cover it up until showtime, give the girls a run for their money, you know?" 

I nodded over to the rack of white robes and Gigi grinned. "Ah, good idea."

She slipped on the long robe, leaving only the bottom portion of her dress visible which didn't reveal much. 

"Hm, I wonder what Cat will think of your gown." I mused, basically to myself but just loud enough to be heard.

"Oh," Gigi rolled eyes playfully. "I know she would kill me if I ever showed it to her. That's Cat for you, but all that matters is that I like. It shows off my a.ss and my boobs and really that's all a girl can ever hope for." She giggled, pulling the robe closer to her. "No, but that's why I love Cat. She keeps me in check."

I smiled, staring at her out of the mirror. I closed my eyes, waiting for the make up artist to finish up my dark smoky eyes. "Keeps you in check or keeps you locked up? I mean, not that it's any of my business, I know how childhood best friends are, but I can spot a fellow wild child in need and you, Gigi, definitely are one. Let's grab a drink together sometime and I won't let you leave until you're nice and drunk with some hot guy drooling over you."

I looked over my shoulder at Gigi and grinned like the Cheshire cat. Nothing better than a little web weaving and hopefully Gigi would buy it. She did actually seem like a fun girl. "How's that sound?" 

She shrugged. "Yeah, maybe. I'll get back to you on that one but I have to go check on something. Something about a dress crisis and not enough for our lineup. Ugh, my luck. Anyway, see you Stella. Good luck out there."

"You too!"

 I leaned back in my chair, legs dangling over the side. All I needed was a dirty martini and life would be perfect right about now. The stylist finished my up-do, arranging it into a high bun with a golden tinsel headband woven into my crown. A few pieces dangling by my ears, but I was satisfied with the result. The makeup artist did a lovely job with the eye makeup, I always thought I looked best with black liner. 

I got up, fluffing up my hair one final time in the mirror before getting ready to stand in our practice lineup. I was right in between Robyn and Mandy.

"I love your dress, Mandy." I complimented. It was truthful, the green really looked gorgeous next to her caramel skin color. She seemed like a genuine girl and I had been meaning to speak with her since the first dinner party.

"Thanks." She grinned. "I'm so excited to be in the fashion show."

"Ah it must be nothing for a former beauty queen, right?" I joked, laughing lightly. I was curious to find out more about her background. She mostly clouded around the good group of Ivy Girls like Isabella and Arriana. Definitely the type of girl in high school who would never lift a finger during a game of Never Have I Ever. 

"Yeah, you're right." She blushed. "But still, it's a good feeling to have all that adrenaline on the runway and it benefits a great cause."

"Right, right, the pandas or something." I waved it off. "Nonetheless, the Yale girls really outdid themselves pulling this all together."

Mandy shot a strange look then smiled, nodding. " I think you mean WWF but yes, it's a lovely night."

Robyn laughed from behind me. "Their symbol is a panda."

I shrugged it off. "Easily mixed up, but thank you Robbie for clarifying. Is this your first time on the runway?"

She thought for a moment and nodded. "Yeah. I'm kind of nervous, I know that's stupid to say."

"No, no. I'm sure all the girls are, even the ex-models's daughters." 

The line disbanded as girls finished up their looks as the show actually began. Cat opened up and a long stream of green chiffon and silk followed after her. Well, mostly green except for Vivienne Blakely who decided it was her right to wear a Victorian style dress that looked like it'd been stolen from the Coppola Marie Antoinette film. She was all smiles with her newly blonde hair and fur collar. Pretty little Viv who was almost too sugary sweet with me, especially after extending her support at the dinner party. My dad only committed a fraction of the crimes her daddy got locked up for. How she still had the resources to get a Dior Haute Couture was beyond me, but I suppose I would warm up to her best as possible. Maybe I could learn her secrets and quit my night job. 

Ah, how nice that would be.

x, S

Let me know if I portrayed anyone incorrectly! 

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