In leiu of Oprahs last night, I am thinking about the amazing power, strength, impact and voice one woman has made on the world. Not an over privileged extra beautiful woman (although she is lovely), but rather a poor black woman from the south. No one could have predicted the amazing path God had for her to change the lives of countless thousands.
I love Oprah , its like I know her, and having her show gone is definitely sad for me. I haven't remembered a time in my life that I haven't known that Oprah was around and always there for us. Her gift has gifted the lives of so many. I hope that we can all keep safe that inspiration she has given us to be the best people God made us to be.
I feel like God sent one of his very brightest angels to come help heal our world, and he put her in the body and in the scenario that would have to overcome immense obstacles. 
Oprah has inspired me to remember that no matter what we have or where we are I need to get up each day, get dressed and show up. After-all that is what she did, even being a billionaire this woman still tirelessly worked to impact the world, to consistently inspire her viewers and to touch the world with her wealth in ways that perhaps no other person ever has. 
 God Bless you OPRAH! 
Cheers to everything you have done, may we each be blessed by your work and remember to embrace our gifts and to do good.
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