Eye Candy Fragrances

It's the inside that counts, but it doesn't hurt that these scents come in bottles as stunning as the fragrance they contain.
  • Giorgio Armani Rose D'arabie L'Or Du Desert
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    Giorgio Armani Rose D'arabie L'Or Du Desert, 100 mL Details #ONLYATNM Only Here. Only Ours. Exclusively for You. This Holiday Season Giorgio Armani captures the spirit and soul of the desert with Rose D'arabie L'Or Du Desert. Almost invisible when the bottle is static, gold flecks lift and swirl like a veil of sand with the slightest movement; dancing and twirling like desert winds. Rose D'arabie L'Or Du Desert limited edition leaves a subtle shimmering veil on the skin. 100 mL/ 3.4 fl. oz. D...
  • Viktor & Rolf NM Exclusive Swarovski® Flowerbomb
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    Viktor & Rolf. NM Exclusive Swarovski? Flowerbomb. Encrusted with elegant Swarovski? Crystals, the iconic Flowerbomb refillable bottle sparkles as magnificently as the fragrance inside. Inspired by the luxurious fragrance, the unique design is delicately crafted by hand. Each crystal is placed on the bottle one by one in an intricate pattern. A truly exclusive edition, nine pieces exist in the United States, only available at Neiman Marcus.
  • Jean Patou Joy Baccarat Pure Parfum
    Jean Patou Joy Baccarat Pure Parfum, Limited Edition Highlights An exclusive luxury fragrance for exceptional womenonly 50 limited-edition inscribed Baccarat Pure Parfum bottles are created each year for Jean Patou Joy. During two short weeks in summer, several kilos of blossoms are harvested from the Jean Patou flower fields in Grasse to achieve the 10,600 flowers required for just one bottle of Joy perfume. Jean Patou was the first designer to use his initials as a logo, presaging the monog...
  • Agonist Black Amber Sculpture & 50ml Refill
    Agonist. Black Amber Sculpture & 50ml Refill. Top: Incense Fumes, Thornbush Flower, Red Seaweed, Davana, Spanish Labdanum. Heart: Java Vetiver, Cuban Tobacco Flower, Iranian Incense, Atlas Cedarwood, Cypriol Nargamotha. Base: Indonesian Patchouli, Black Amber, Madagascar Vanilla, Styrax, Indian Sandalwood. 50 ml/1.7 fl. oz.
  • Lalique LIMITED EDITION Lalique de Lalique Parfum Extract 2015 Crystal
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    Lalique. LIMITED EDITION Lalique de Lalique Parfum Extract 2015 Crystal, "Plume". For the precious 2015 Limited Edition crystal perfume bottle, it is from the work of Ren? Lalique that Lalique has drawn motifs inspired by the gracefulness of birds.. Designed in 1910, the "Petites Feuilles" ("Little Leaves") bottle belongs to a series of dazzlingly virtuosic models, entirely covered with complex, delicate decorative motifs. Its streamlined shape is based on the Greek alabastron, used in Antiquity to conserve scents and originally sculpted in alabaster, hence its name. While the original features tiny rosemary leaves, the 2015 Edition is adorned with a lavish plumage which covers the body and softly rounded shoulders of the bottle. The bottle's shape, so reminiscent of the curved silhouette of turtledoves, is echoed in the stopper's motif, designed by Ren? Lalique for the lid of the "Genevi?ve" powder box in 1920. Two of these birds, which stand for constancy and harmony since they mate for life, adorn the heart of a rosette formed by delicately ribbed palm leaves. An elegant theme inspired by Ancient Egypt, where palm trees were symbols of fertility. This new Limited Edition expresses Lalique's peerless know-how and exacting standards. No fewer than four master glassmakers are needed to fashion the bottle, using the handcrafted hot mould technique. Taken up at 1150?C, the crystal is formed in a wooden shaping block before being placed into a cast-iron mould heated to 400?C and annealed for seven hours. To make the stopper, the "pressed" technique requires five glassmakers. In the "Plume" bottle, the crystal is distributed to form a very thick bottom weighing 350 grams. The cutting and polishing is performed once the bottle is cold. Its motifs are polished and sandblasted. To adjust the stopper's fit, it is paired with its bottle and ground with emery to ensure a leak-proof finish. As a final touch to this handcrafted piece, the baudruchage seal and gold thread are added to the signed and numbered bottle. About the fragrance:. The quintessentially feminine Lalique de Lalique opens with an exhilarating fruit-tinged rose and the sensual headiness of jasmine. Iris blows a delicately powdered breeze on this timelessly elegant floral harmony, touched with spicy night-scented stock. In the heart notes, this shimmering bouquet is livened up with fruity hues: the tart purple of blackberries, the radiant verdancy of blackcurrant leaves and the suaver green of pears .. A silky breath of vanilla and musk, softened with creamy Mysore sandalwood, weds the fragrance to skin for a long-lasting, voluptuous sillage.

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